Is Mining Bitcoin with Solar Power Really Worth Your Money?




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Is Mining Bitcoin with Solar Power Really Worth Your Money?

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  1. Crazy that you made this videoliterally just this morning I was looking at the math of this! Power in my area is almost $0.20 / KWh so with a grid-tie inverter I can save more money by running my house on solar power than I can earn with an average miner! Wind power is still more cost effective for me anywayssolar power has a high start up cost and we get large hail that can punch straight through your panels! アマゾン

  2. This is so dope. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and seeing a video solidified my option to go solar.

  3. 優れたビデオ. I am going to blog this tonight. I’ve already post to several forums. AGAIN: excellent video!!

  4. They key to doing this successfully is to buy the solar panels direct from China via, do as much work as you can installing them to save on setup costs then GPU mine instead for alt coins like Monero and Verge as well as a basket of smaller, more speculative cryptos that have a lot of potential to increase significantly in price. Then you sell some of the mined crypto and convert it to Bitcoin and hold that. When large price spikes occur in the alt coin market of the cryptos you have mined you sell a portion and invest in more solar panels, batteries and GPU miners and you keep that process going until you have as many solar panels, batteries and GPU mining infrastructure as possible. I’m actually building my own crypto solar mine at home at the moment on a small scale in Australia. 10kw solar + Telsa Powerwall to start off with and then another 15kw solar + 2nd Tesla Powerwall. GPU mining only at this stage. There is a very good article about Bitcoin solar mining here:

  5. What if you went solar but stayed on the grid to the point where it’s saved you a significant amount of on your electric bill. We have electric heating so heating is around $250 a month in the winter. $15,000 on solar would do more than just pay for which pay more than just electricity on the antminer.

  6. once you paid the panels you will havefreeenergy for 15 years at least, also you are being , , planet friendly. In México you can tied your panels to electricity company, so no storage is need

    basically you produce a lot in the day and send it to the grid and in the night you pull the energy from the grid.

  7. i am planing to mine ethereum with 65 Radeon R9 295 graphic cards, and power it with solar.
    i need 150 100w solar panels which will cost me around 15000 dollars and the graphic cards will cost me 39000 ドル. basically i will have 3000 MH/s which will make me 100 dollars a day, 3000 dollars a month, and 37k dollars a year. i will basically get all the money back in two years. if it will go well, i will double that

  8. Your numbers for a solar installation are waaayyyyy off. Installed solar with inverters, panels, racks (they don’t sit on the roof directly but above them), permitting, 等. is between $3 そして $4 per watt!

  9. I was thinking of doing something similar and doing it under using unsecure money in a business LLC.

  10. Hi I think instead having gpu’s be focus ob antiminers z9 mini only 300wats and 15 – 16.000sols/sec !

  11. this guy dont know soler u dont go watts u go by amps 10 kw can run 3 s9 for 24 時間

  12. I remember those times in January 2018 in which you could mine with a 6x 1070 Ti rig and make 250$ 月… now you dont even make 1/4 その

  13. I’ve been using the same solar cell for almost 30yrs….Got it a loooong time ago for my RV to keep the batteries topped off and 12v lighting on at night back when solar was almost un-heard of….. and it still works fine and what it was rated asso RIO isn’t an issue when you’re measuring in near half centuries of use… 笑
    Don’t believe me on the ruggedness and life span of solar panels just look at the space applications.

  14. I got into solar super early for my RV…. been using the same old panel 5watt for almost 30yrs to keep the battery topped off and 12v lights burning at night.. checked it the other day and its still doing what it was rated at…. so him talking about RIO when the life span of a solar panel is nearly a half-centuryis a bit silly

  15. I’m no expert but just on the top of my head I figured if the miner runs 1400wh, meaning every hour you need 1400w plus, say another 1400w to charge batteries for dark hours use, and say an extra 1200w to compensate for cloudy moments, shorter daylight in different seasons. Then 4000wh system ought to do the job fine.

  16. Awesome Video!” — What about… “Free Energy Machines?” (remember Tesla) …Is it worth it? 🙂


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