Is Indiegogo Taking ICOs Mainstream? Kickstarter Not Interested


The popular crowd funding platform known as Indiegogo has teamed up with a venture capital firm called Microventures to allow startups to pursue an ICO launch on their platform.

Kickstarter has commented that they are not planning to launch any ICO support in the near future, but they are not 100% ruling out the possibility in the long-term.

Is Indiegogo Taking ICOs Mainstream? Kickstarter Not Interested

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  1. Hi Steve. Could you speak on/do a video on how best to hold Alt Coins? I bought several (5-6), $50-200 worth of each. All are currently just hanging out on Binance exchange. I want to hold them long term. Looking for a good wallet recommendation. 乾杯!

  2. MetraMan09 On Binance – カルダーノ, Vechain, Vert, Monetha, couple others. ザ・ “big threeI am okay on coinbase but have my Ledger on the way.

  3. I actually got the email from indiegogo while I was watching the last video because i got in their system On a project I’m working on that I ended up deciding it wasn’t the way to go. It might be a path to look at again.

  4. Jeff, if you type in ripple or xrp into the coinbase support search bar, it shows up supported coins.

  5. Kickstarter is going full Ottoman here, refusing to adapt and dying a slow and painful death in their own vomit

  6. Bolla Abdelmseh they aren’t launching their own coin. They are offering services to launch ICOs for smaller startups

  7. What do you think of Its like an ICO for equity investing but with altcoin. I’d like to here your take on it.

  8. This guy’s voice sucks, to robotic sounding, where’s Jeff, I like him, this guy, not so much. His voice is bad.

  9. Hey what’s your thoughts with net neutrality getting dropped and it’s effect on coin mining

  10. Would really love to here about ETHOS and TRON. Ethos has the appeal of a universal wallet and TRON is exploding in China. PLEASE.

  11. すばらしいビデオ! Been here since 6k Subs which I had more money to invest with the amount of knowledge you guys put out about everything when I get some money ik for sure where to put it!


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