Is BITCOIN Price Stalling, What NEXT? Manage CRYPTO Portfolio – BTCテクニカル分析


Are there concerning signs on the Bitcoin chart indicating that a pullback may be coming? Mark will walk us through what he’s seeing on the charts for the short term.

He’ll also have a “bonus” feature at the end to show you how to set up Hodlbot step-by-step if you want to set up a portfolio that automatically rebalances for you.

マークは、ACBチームのアクティブトレーダーや技術的なアナリストであります. 彼はプロの財務顧問ではありません. あなたは投資する前に、あなた自身の研究を行う必要がありますし、あなたが失うわけにはいかできるよりも多くを投資するべきではありません. He also suggests listening & looking at many different perspectives to formulate an opinion.
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Is BITCOIN Price Stalling, What NEXT? Manage CRYPTO Portfolio – BTCテクニカル分析

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  2. You do realise the tax implications of all those trades in a portfolio rebalancing bot are going to be horrific??


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