Is a Big Bear Move for Bitcoin Coming?! BTC, LTC, XLM, XRP, ENJ Technical Analysis


What signals to watch for!

Mark will take us through the charts for #Bitcoin BTC, リップルXRP, #Stellar Lumens XLM, Enjin ENJ and #Litecoin LTC. Big gains are on the horizon for many of the coins, but will BTC yank the rug out from underneath them? Find out the entry and exit points on all of the coins.

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Is a Big Bear Move for Bitcoin Coming?! BTC, LTC, XLM, XRP, ENJ Technical Analysis

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  1. Who is focused on investments, I advise to turn attention to GRAM tokens

  2. 事実. I don’t even have any yet (which doesn’t make me real happy) but I do not chase. I will wait for 40% correction before I go in (may have to wait for awhile) … 🙂

  3. Heck yeah man I hope btc drops all the way to 2500 若しくは 3000 about to get my taxes back I could just buy one Bitcoin that would be amazing

  4. Аналитики в этом году прогнозируют рост стоимости монеты Telegram в 100-200 раз! Как насчет этого!

  5. Really one of the best technical analysis’s videos that I see it in a long time

  6. I’d much rather buy 3500 Bitcoin Diamonds than 1 ビットコイン. BCD is a much better coin IMO.

  7. What about Bitcoin Diamond? I think people should keep eyes on BCD. It’s such a great underrated coin in my opinion.

  8. were at 10bil volume and last time it hit 10bil volume btc price was around 10k~13k. Right now the wall street bot which is buying btc without raising the btc price too much and buying in patterns were not seeing the spike. Soon well see btc recover all the yearly lost within a day or few days all of the sudden. 私が言ったことを覚えておいてくださいね. .0003 btc per person if its splitted into all the people in the world thats not counting all the btc that got lost and lost forever in hard drives and lost keys etc. btc will make some crazy move up very soon and we will see alot of alt coins doing 10~100x and alot of coins getting sued and going to jail and failing. Thats when crypto will be on fire and i really think the bear markets dead. Its just not a crazy bull market but the bear markets pretty over and everythings moving nicely with certain alts pumping every day and btc not dropping down to 3400 and holding well and bouncing well and it will explode soon

  9. Thank you James. Let’s see. Collision with the EMA will happen early next week. That is going to be a critical time.

  10. You’re on the right side when you got more wins than loseIts all great with an honest and transparent manager. Really got boxed up with $12500 hours ago.. No gotchas

  11. DrMGTOW yeah and not a very good opinion. Doesn’t take a genius to know that 100% interest a year is unsustainable.

  12. DrMGTOW the comparison chart on their own damn website doesn’t even state any advantages over bitcoin lol and their roadmap is sooo vague. 「 2019 the development team will continue to make improvements” uhh yeah cool fantastic lol


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