「私は、ビットコインはUNDERすることができないことが絶対知っ $1 百万円 2020 END」ジョン・マカフィーは、BTC SECRETを知っています


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「私は、ビットコインはUNDERすることができないことが絶対知っ $1 百万円 2020 END」ジョン・マカフィーは、BTC SECRETを知っています

35 注釈

  1. Is it just me or does McAfee look stoned in nearly all the pics of him you showed,maybe that’s why he bet his pecker on it . I would love it to go to 1 million but really don’t think it will.meanwhile I’m dollar cost averaging and hodling just in case ,seems more probable than winning the lottery.

  2. This can’t even get back to 20k. How in the **** can anyone call a million dollar price? Does he understand how much more 1 million dollars is than 8k dollars. Even if this ever made it to 100k it would have to 10x from there…. such a joke

  3. Interesting how “Altcoinバズ” “月” and Forflies also covered thisbump and runpattern yesterday. It’s the hottest pattern prediction for BTC right now. Yes this could be Oct 2015 that breaks the weekly EMA ribbon and is the start of the bull market. It’s this move that could make the golden cross also happen in a few days/weeks. To be fair, the resistance area is $7000 に $8000 not just $8000. That area should provide a rejection and an end to this intermediate wave that started in Dec 2018. 76% price target fulfillment is pretty good for this pattern. それにもかかわらず, crypto has shocked us in the past especially the last year with predictions of price that went completely wrong. I hope to see more proponents for trading which obviously has been a more secure consistent and profitable means of earning off crypto. I am not against hodling but a safer way to grow a portfolio from my experience is by trading which clearly has a very clear advantage over hodling in that with the right setup. It has also been proven over and over again that winning in Crypto currency (ビットコイン取引) is a combination of experience and good strategy. Creating a winning strategy is not as difficult as many would make you believe. You simply have to pay very close attention to the charts as well as the news but caution must be exercised all the same. A safe and better alternative is by mirroring the trade patterns and using the signals of a professional with well-established success rate. That way, you can key into his successes and learn some tips and tricks on the way. I currently use signals from Mr. Walter Aarav after testing out the services of 3 different providers. With Walter’s setup, I have consistently been making very consistent profit for the past 6 months in excess of 300% return on investment and that ís really great for anyone who knows about investing. You can reach him on WALTERTRADING10@yahoo .com or via telegram: +1(323)776-6410 if you need to know more about his system and find out how to be consistent in making profit off bitcoins

  4. I would recommend Mr Walter, he teaches people hoe to make more money and increase their bitcoin portfolio by teaching swing trading and useful strategies

  5. 私は彼に連絡をし、私はすでに午前 2 彼との取引にヶ月,私は1.5Btcとの取引を開始しました, 今私は7Btcの一握りのウォルターのプログラムについて投稿みなさんのおかげでブーストすることができます, あなたはすべての私のサクセスストーリーの一部であります, Lets keep spreading Words about Him to help the Ignorant people who are loosing

  6. What will push us to these prices is constantly being conditioned to the fact that 1m is not unusual, it’s good there is big name influences doing this. Jack Dorsey, McAfee etc, it’s what we need to really get things moving, I dont mind a steady rise tho rather than a big pump. A big pump leads to a big drop and that can spook the market

  7. 実は… If you study BTC history at all you see, that a similar ”bull run” already happened. Check 2012-2014. IF institutional money starts seriously flowing in it is imo actually quite probable that the ”McAfee vision” happens.


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