How Much Money Can An ANTMINER S9 Earn You? (OUTDATEDCheck Desc. FOR UPDATE!)



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How Much Money Can An ANTMINER S9 Earn You? (OUTDATEDCheck Desc. FOR UPDATE!)

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  1. Maybe add your head as a small window so we can see the full screen while also having your face commentary

  2. You did not touch on the difficulty factor over all this was a poor video that does not represent the facts. No one should be spending 4000 for a S9.

  3. 10 month or a year to brake even?? and you call it not bad? THis is VERY VERY BA for a Year you work for someone elsenot for yourself and after a year S9is almost DONE workingno more profit!!!

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  6. ノー. Probably about $50 per day now due to the price increase.If he was being rewarded .00368 BTC per day in early Sept that same .00368 BTC today is worth about $50. At least that’s my understanding of it.

  7. loo lee they are about 1,400 he got ripped off. You can pay these off in 4 months or less.

  8. what’s not calculated is the exponential rise in difficulty and the ever-increasing need to upgrade hardware to match it

  9. I’ll appreciate if someone answers me. For how long these calculations is going to work? Is it possible that the mentioned rate (17$ 一日あたりの) decreases unexpectedly and becomes 10$ or less?

  10. What is the catch with this? It would give me a pretty good profit if i buy 10 of them. “If things sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

  11. Thank you for the video very helpful. Question: I live in looking into starting mining.i have ways to steal electricity,would that mean that I can make more money in profit?


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