Hot New TV Show Could Be Major Crypto Promo & Spark For Adoption


Kevin Connolly is launching a new TV series called Cryptoscould this be the mainstream push that crypto needs? Will you watch it?


Entourage’s Kevin Connolly Is Developing a TV Show About Crypto

Cryptos The Show


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Hot New TV Show Could Be Major Crypto Promo & Spark For Adoption

34 注釈

  1. That trailer honestly looks like this show will set Crypto back another 5 年. Lamborghini’s, bikinis, car chases and the mention of HoLLywOoD every 2 seconds is not what this space is about.

  2. That “trailer” was just a bunch of recycled footage from entourage, Silicon Valley, and random rap videos. I think that dude is just trying to sell a concept to producers. I am all about getting people informed, but the last thing we need is a whole new influx of people looking to get-rich-quick.

  3. うん, 真, def just the pitch trailer, but agreed we do not need the get rich quick crowd back

  4. @Glen: ABSOLUTELY!!!! ひばり, why would you do a video on trailers from this DUMBASS show???


  5. We do not know exactly what the show will be like yet, so hard to say what the end product will look like, but regardless I wanted to start a conversation, and get your opinions, that is why I made the video.

  6. When did they start making it in 2017? If they made it now they would be broke, no lambs or hot ladies. Billions last season talked crypto, let’s hope the new season they talk a lot more.

  7. Can’t wait for this one. Any promotion of crypto to the public has got to be good.

  8. It’s not what the crypto space is about during a bear market or while building, but like it or not it is what it’s about during a bull run! Were you around the slack chats and message boards of yore during 2016-2017? Everyone had a big dream about their favorite project, and though it got far too obnoxious at the endthe spark and energy behind it is why many people get involved in the first place. I actually wouldn’t mind just a little bit of that again tbh 🙂

  9. This is really dope! Next time you gotta Make It a trailer reaction style!! LoL……. Maybe I will do it!!!

  10. A show or movie (with exceptions) has to have a protagonist that undergoes struggles in order for there to be a strong storyline. I suspect the jist of the show will be a woman or man (または両方) going through the hurdles of starting their own ICO with antagonists such as: da MAN.. US regulations, $$ issues, family supportive/unsupportive, and competitors. I bet one character will be an older gentleman in office.

  11. The Crypto Lark but if the get rich quick crowd comes back then we’ll be able to get rich quick while they fomo.🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Hmmmm . . . not impressed by the trailer. Young people get greedy and that makes for a story? Blah! I will say this though . . . if any news is good news, as they say, then anything having to do with crypto is a good thing. I won’t be watching the show. I won’t sayblahagain as I might regurgitate my food.

  13. The show might encourage people to get into crypto thinking its a get rich quick scheme. Who wants to get rich? Almost everybody. Once they get burned a few times people will think twice about it. I can’t get my head around the premise of the show . . . seeing the trailer makes me want to reach for the mouse.

  14. It’s a good time to load your bags 💼💰 with Wanchain (WAN) look at the charts it’s going to moon real hard soon Binance

  15. The Good Wife TV show did an episode on Bitcoin in 2012. At the time it was shown as $3 コインあたり. It’s on Netflix now look up season 3 エピソード 13 “Bitcoin for Dummieswas the title.. Oh how I wish I watched the show back then. I would have bought some.

  16. Most importantly this makes crypto look cool and that will sparks people interest beyond meh nerd money.
    They can see that there is actual substance behind the hype and there is real reason to be excited and get involved.

    After all when they show the little guys fighting back against the evil bankers most everyone will want to partake.

  17. How does the saying gothe best time to buy Bitcoin was yesterday, second best time is today

  18. うん, 私もそう感じた, still though the actual show might surprise, I never watched Entourage either

  19. I really hope it is not lambos, making millions of ico’s. This is not what crypto needs in my opinion. People will come in for the money and get rekked. A bit like Ian Ballina always talking about the money, now he seems quite humble.

  20. My concern is that it will be that second scenario, since that is what Entourage was like. It’s also what the trailer was like to me. But sometimes they do a bait and switch. Hopefully they’ll try to hook people with base instincts then deliver something more meaningful.

  21. うん, time will tell, but could easily see it being a cheap Entourage rip off with crypto


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