Hot New Blockchain Project Valence & Navcoin Update


Craig from Navcoin and I discuss the latest from Navcoin and what the upcoming Valence platform is all about.

Please note this is NOT a sponsored video.

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Hot New Blockchain Project Valence & Navcoin Update

20 注釈

  1. Are my grandparents the only people who think crypto is going to destroy the world?😂

    Or do people have similar grandparents to me?

  2. Not just grandparents
    You’d be surprised how much hate you see in threads about crypto in platforms not directly related to them. Like slashdot or other technical forums. Not to mention gaming forums where people wish for crypto to disappear so they can get cheap gpus again.

  3. Got a lot of cheap NAV recently in the 6000-6800 sat range. It’s still undervalued. I expect it to go back to 15k-20k after the bear market is over. Craig is a workhorse.

  4. My parents who are GreatGrand parents felt the same way a couple of years ago and as I explained cryptos are destroying legacy’s world now they are buying all kinds of alts. Buy them some DGB. That’s how I started them out.

  5. I must say that after living in NZ for long stints over the last few years, switching between there and my home in Malta the difference is staggering, just such an awareness in Malta, both good and bad. Considering the tech skills in NZ, they are really falling behind Malta and Australia too. I think its due to risk perceived by many and the FUD thats been spread there.

  6. I think you guys at NAV need to stick with the privacy and figure out how you can use that on EOS privately. Also yes NZ is very behind but will catch up soon enough. Forget about trying to convince people in NZ. Find a use case and just go for it.

  7. I love this interview. It’s helped me understand more about dapps (vapps) and blockchain use cases generally. You guys have also earned much respect from me by discussing the charity angle. I’ve been trying to get a charity I volunteer for to accept crypto donations for a while now. It’ll happen.

    Going to sell some Cardano for Nav.
    Edit: I can’t buy Nav on unfortunately. I find that a bit strange considering it’s a major project from our neighbours across the Tasman.

  8. Helping the Charities is a really good way to keep NAV on the right track. If you can make that workIt will open up big time.

  9. NavTech 2.0 ‘Rimu
    Redesigning NavTech to make the private payment system completely trustless and distributed running at a protocol level.


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