歴史は巨大なビットコイン価格サージを提示します! Binance, リップルXRP – 暗号ニュース


Bitcoin is currently trading sideways, しかしながら, if history repeats itself, we might be looking at a $62,000 Bitcoin this year. Billy is also giving you the latest from Binance and their soon to be launched crypto pegged tokens. Billy also touches base on Ripple XRP partnering with Moneygram.
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BTC past and future!

What’s Changed Since Bitcoin Was at $9K in 2017? – すべて

Apart from a brief 90-day window, ビットコイン [BTC] has always been profitable for users, claims Anthony Pompliano

Bitcoin Historical Analysis Signals That BTC Could Surge to $62k Later This Year

Binance to launch Crypto Pegged tokens

Binance To Launch Crypto Pegged Tokens

XRP Partnership with Moneygram!

Brad Garlinghouse Says New MoneyGram Partnership Will Have ‘Big Impacton XRP-Powered xRapid

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歴史は巨大なビットコイン価格サージを提示します! Binance, リップルXRP – 暗号ニュース

22 注釈

  1. Спacибо Вам огpoмнoе! Видeо получилоcь cупeрcки пoлeзнoе!

  2. The SEC just told Facebook to put a hold on their Libra coin until Congress has time to analyze it. Hmm, wonder how long that will take?

  3. So Libra coin lasted one day, before getting shut down by the governmentUmmm, shouldn’t that have been discussed in advance.

  4. Libra is not only a threat for xrp but for the whole crypto space. Be carefull. But its also verry likely that it wil boost the awarenes for bitcoin. I hope for the best

  5. XRP is partnered and will be used by banks and large financial institutions, unlike Facebook which has no bank partnerships.

    Facebook will onboard allot to people to Libra, which will allow people to send and receive Libra through Coinbase, Gemini and other exchanges, and that will give them exposure to crypto, when they there holding a stable coin, and watching everything else go up. I’m wondering about taxes, does it have to be reported same as crypto, will it be seen as property and needs to be reported as such on any transaction. That would increase the costs considerably. Will it be backed %100. Would there be possible to see a Facebook DEX

  6. UghMight avoid the internet for the next week so I can stop hearing the word Libra…..

  7. Might be that the founder companies along with FB will support Libra, and gang up on crypto like btc.
    Trying to make the public/ consumers not using brc or even see the use of btc.

    Im not that positive for facebook and the large financial companoes to join hands and fight the public crypto.

  8. when i heard about BTC and if i bought back that time i would be millionaire even at BTC=9000 usd not talking about 19000 usd

  9. If bitcoin is in a simular market condition as 2017 or an even better condition, than why wouldn’t it go parabolic simular to 2017? There is no good reason not to think so other than disbelief. I strongly recomend watching the latest video by Real-Crypto.

  10. Awaiting the first Libra ‘scam’ coins. Either way not a threat to Bitcoin.

    Great news on the Łitecoin debit card. Lots more to comeRef John Kim 77 twitter feed
    See also below ..🏌️‍♂️🌤

    Aliant Payments @AliantPayment · 6月 14 Aliant has made a considerable contribution to @LTCFoundation for something big, which we are excited to announce soon. 乞うご期待!”

  11. Could suggest huge price surge” ええ, after we retrace and consolidate from the insanely unhealthy parabolic move upAs always the permabulls at ACB shilling the f out of bitcoin despite it teetering on the edge of a massive correction.

  12. It will surge but I am absolutely convinced we need a largish retracement. Financial advisors in the crypto sphere will be advising big money clients to wait for such a retracement before filling any bags. But in saying that the fingers will be on the triggers just in case it doesn’t. Unfortunately we will have to watch the market like a hawk and jump in if it goes parabolic from here.

  13. Libra bringing more attention to crypto is good, but most people think crypto is just digital moneywhich we already have. What true crypto enthusiasts want is decentralization and that’s a concept that Libra will just make more confusing for new people.

  14. please talk about the austrian crypto-stamps! i cant get any information on them! i dont want to miss out!


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