High Performance Blockchain / HPB – The Chinese EOS ?


High Performance Blockchain is being billed as China's EOS. Is this a fair comparison? What is HPB bring to the table?

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High Performance Blockchain / HPB – The Chinese EOS ?

31 注釈

  1. Crypto Lark, please cover XAS sometime…..from what I hear it is lisk on steroids!

  2. The sleeper of sleepers. Actually been getting covered more recently but because of the crap exchanges people have not attempted to buy or shrugged this one off. Bad move IMHO.

  3. i’m so heavily invested in chinese crypto, i think i spoke chinese in my sleep last night. $neo $gas $bto $dta $int $hpb

  4. Erik Goldhar Bibox isnt’t a crap exchange. I thought it was going to be junk, but it’s not bad at all.

  5. こんにちはラーク – just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your great work! You are Amazing, you are fantastic man. A+ research, A+ presentation, A+ choice of tokens and topicsI could go on and on. そう, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great work you’re doing!

  6. Hpb was mentioned during Da Hong Fe’s presentation(see slide re VM usage) in S Korea last week. They’re due to release an updated Whitepaper in Feb as I understand it. The whitepaper isn’t detailed enough, though this has been the case with quite a few chinese projects that have seen big growth in the past. Extremely low circulating supply(1/22 that of EOS with currently 28mcmc has it wrong). Their marketing is next to zero, and on two relatively unknown exchanges. This is a massive project that if it were to reach EOS’s mcap would do a 58x. Yes you read that correctly(8,490,081,530/146,400,507 = 57.99). Amodest growth projection for this is 7/8x in the next year. It will hit bigger exchanges and it will gain more attention during the NEODEV Con in the next month. It may take time and patience but HPB will hit the scene big time. I think it’s one of the screaming buys out there.

  7. HPB is a long term hold, not for pumping and dumping. If that project succeeds and they manage to create the hardware they are researching it will be at top 10 without a doubt, sleeping giant..

  8. HPB just hit 30k tps in public beta with no optimisation, the team us confident to achieve 1m tps by May 🙂

  9. The Crypto Lark I love your work! The new white paper also came out yesterday on the new website, HPB will also be tapping into application scenarios such as Gaming: virtual currencies & items & Anti-counterfeit traceability as well as Smart big data. The partnership with UnionPay is also confirmed and they will be working together from Q4. The CS is now 28m as the final 50% of private investor tokens have now been unlocked (cmc was incorrect (suprise)). Check it out Crypto Lark 🙂

  10. Great coin… しかし… it needs a RE-BRAND !!! 笑 …HPB POSSIBLE RE-BRAND NAMESTITAN, GOLIATH, TURBOCHAIN, ZEUSmaybe even JUGGLENAUT !! それは持っています!


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