High Impact Blockchain Solutions – ConsenSys


Lory Kehoe from ConsenSys and I discuss the recent move to Ireland, Ethereum scaling issues, social impact, and project incubation.
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High Impact Blockchain Solutions – ConsenSys

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  1. Все ли вам удалось принять участие в airdrop Zilliqa? airdropnews.pro/zilplus

  2. Greetings from TongaHey Lark, great interview. Cant help but think that is Consensys Lab has 50 projects on the go that they will beat the average success %. I watched several of the Ethereal vids, they were great but I did not see any tripped out burning men. Although there are many good reasons to go to Ireland I am pretty sure that the real reason that they went for the Guinness. Thanks for helping to keep peoples eyes on things that are for the betterment of society, too many people are focused solely on the $. I think that fractional ownership is going to be massive in the future, it will be interesting to see how this particular area within the whole environment will develop. Both the legal and the scaling aspects are academic when looked at in isolation they both need clarity before Ethereum (which I personally heave great long term faith/hope) can flourish. And a quick comment to those who are negative to ETH remember…..”On the Shoulders of Giants”….however things pan out a great debt is owed to Vitalik and the whole Eth dev community. Cheers as ever J

  3. wow really good information in this interview, ConsenSys guy really knows his stuff, anyways keep up the good work sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  4. At what exchange does Zilliqa bargain? Yesterday a few tokens came from their airdrop myairdrops.info/zilplus

  5. あなたラークありがとう, this interview is ‘grand’.
    It would be great to participate event like that and learn new things but I felt a bit expensive game to spread the verb.

  6. Though ConsenSys declined to comment, Forbes estimates that almost all of its businesses are in the red, some with little hope of profitability.Joe Lubin’s global organism appears to be burning cash at a rate of more than $100 million a year. Joe Lubin is incompetent articles declare. His crappy business tactics are affecting 100’s of thousands of poor, uneducated, sick and elderly people worldwide by preventing them to earn online.

  7. ConsenSys have not a good reputation! Do not trust the ConsenSys company nor Joe Lubin! Just GoogleForbes Lubinto see what a mess Consensys is.

  8. I would not trust concensys companies. According to the Forbes, CEO Joe Lubin is not trustworthy.

  9. According to Forbes and Verge articles, Joe Lubin is imcompetent, spending too much money while employees getting layed off.

  10. I don’t trust Joseph Lubin and his company Consensys and any other company associated with him.


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