Everyone Wants To Get Your Bitcoin! Don’t Let Them!

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These people all want to get their hands on your bitcoin…..will you let them?

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Everyone Wants To Get Your Bitcoin! Don't Let Them!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. UnionBank in the Philippines created a stable coin based on the Philippine Peso, PHX. They also have a Two-Way Bitcoin ATM.

    Coins.PH, allows Filipinos to pay their bills with crypto.

    The Philippines is organically moving their citizens to crypto.

  2. Great points! I also agree with you including the ‘Uncle Joes’. Those closest to you can have easier access to you. I’m watching for those ‘friends’ and relatives I’d tried to educate but didn’t listen. Sooner or later, at least one of them will come snooping around with their empty hands and a load of sob stories. Don’t rule out emotional manipulation and guilt-tripping. I’d stopped talking about Cryptocurrencies/Bitcoin with people now and definitely don’t say how much I have — or to new people, if I even have any. I rang the bell enough times to these adults. If they choose not to act, it’s all on them.

  3. Excellent advice, keep it coming, you’re right of course, FUD make BTC look like a DUD, you sell in fear, they buy in glee. DONT FALL FOR IT.

  4. Bakkt only has enough insurance for 12,500 BTC!!! . That will be daily trading volume on day one

  5. I’ve been ensconced in
    BTC since June
    I’m surprised when people I talk to havent even heard of Crypto!
    I feel so fortunate
    You’re the best Lark

  6. Oh yeh, that’s exactly why wallstreet wants into anything futures. Because then….they can make all of their money off of manipulating the market. Woah unto you traders; buy and HODLE. it’s going to be a choppy ride to 100,000. However. I kinda like the choppy ride because I can just buy more during dumps. Eventually BTC will be reserve currency of unimaginable proportions. Let wall street play, they aren’t as big as they appear right now 🔥💞🕺

  7. pmbpro Well said brother!
    Emotional manipulation is stronger than the whale manipulation lol… There comes a time when we know all our preaching about Bitcoin is just falling on deaf ears.
    It’s like being a prepper. Telling everyone to please store water and food to prepare for a crisis and they think ur nuts. But when the power goes down for a few weeks, guess who’s knocking on the front door…… sorry, nobody’s home, GONE FISHING 😉

  8. It’s funny how the real criminals the Banksters and corrupt politicians are for the most part against BTC and crypto’s lol! I guess because it prevents them from ripping off the public!

  9. Wow I had no idea stuff like that is working no wonder why some people are saying they have a headstart to bitcoin 100% someday before other. I wonder if I can buy some things from them and get it shipped over…

  10. here in UK very little interest in crypto and blanket shadow banned by the banks, usually a world leader the UK continues to make bad decisions ,they even sold all our gold (gordon Brown)

  11. I went there thinking I could but some shoes and clothes on the cheap. Most things at least at the SM malls are the same as in the US. Average wage is like $10 a day and a shakeys pizza is like $18. F’n ridiculous and Nike shoes were about the same too.

  12. @chico280 what about dental or health stuff. America’s prices are WAY over inflated but maybe there prices are the reasonable one where ours is crazy.

  13. @Eli Green I believe in the future it will become an asset which you can borrow against, like owning a million dollar house outright or something to that nature.

  14. @king pin that would be awesome. With smart contacts ETH let home owners, “sell” percentages of their homes without, “selling” their homes. Pretty cool stuff.

  15. There seemed to be reasonable number of BTC atms when I was there a couple of years ago. Has it regressed since then?

  16. I agree I am residing in the UK at the moment, barely anyone I know here is interested in crypto

  17. @saladin allah that’s funny I wore my Bitcoin tshirt close accounts last week
    He said they’re adopting their own Coin 🙂

  18. Forecaster NZ time to get that paypie not an investor, but I would loved to be paid by the minute in Sats.

  19. They appear to be against BTC but control 95pct of it. They make 100x on well timed pump and dump leverage plays

  20. @Jerome Tairua well no…. its not the 1st Sept yet. The new rule go into effect on that date. There is an official IRD publication online detailing the change.

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