Colin Cantrell Nexus / NXS Interview- Space, 3D blockchain, 暗号手法, & the Future


Colin Cantrell of Nexus and I discuss the 3D blockchain, putting satellites in space, インフレーション, quantum computing, and the future of cryptocurrencies.

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Colin Cantrell Nexus / NXS Interview- Space, 3D blockchain, 暗号手法, & the Future

38 注釈

  1. 暗号ラーク!!!! How good was this!? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for facilitating a conversation with Colin from Nexus Earth $NXS #Nexus. I cant believe the connections we are making both far and wide. Very much appreciated my friend. Enjoy your Christmas 🙂

  2. Nexus is great. One of few projects addressing scalability with new innovation, the 3D block chain. Nexus will not need to wait for a lightning network or Raiden network for scalability. The only other project I know using a different architecture for scaling is IOTA. There are probably others I wish I knew about. に 14:20 Colin talks about the 3d block chain.

  3. I will be looking more into Nexus thanks lark. Time to learn c++. This really opened my eyes on the space and the venerabilities

  4. YES!! This interview highlights SO many reasons why Nexus is a ahead of the game on so many levels!! Thank you Crypto Lark!! Made my evening with this one! Colin is a super, top notch mind, and his ideas and standards for security, scalability, and decentralization are bone chillingly revolutionary/evolutionary! Launching the first Nexus cube sats is going to be a huge day for humanity. I can’t wait!! 😀

  5. Nexus is the world’s first space-based quantum-resistant 3D scalable blockchain, this is the real-deal, waaay ahead of the rest of the crypto space (no pun intended), and they are launching satellites in 2018 though Vector Space partnershipthis will be the backbone of the future internet grid.

  6. You don’t have to be a nerd to see Nexus is being one of kind project down there with a geniusColinin leadership

  7. おかげラーク, really enjoyed the interview. Nexus is such an exciting and revolutionary project with an extremely talented developer at its helm. ロングライブblockchain, long live Nexus!

  8. はい, Nexus is amazing, flying a bit under the radar for some, but it will really take off when it gets going

  9. Absolutely a big advocate of the project, real forward thinking tech, not just another copied blockchain

  10. 注意してください, 3d blockchain on satellite can open a space portal into parallel universe and all hell will break loose! Banks might become obsolete!


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