COBINHOOD / COB ICO ReviewZero Fees and ICO Platform

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Zero fees and an ICO investment platform in one? はい, please!

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COBINHOOD / COB ICO ReviewZero Fees and ICO Platform




36 注釈

  1. Good video but you missed one critical bit. You can buy the token already on etherdelta for less than the ICO price even with the bonus. Aside from the Ian issue, this again shows another flaw in this ICO. Why buy the ICO when I can get it on the open market for a lot less, which begs the question if I should be buying it at all.

  2. 最初? 笑
    If they get adopted It could be big but as you said its a long way hold.

  3. Thank you for the review. If you find it interesting enough could you do one on Mercury Protocol? I’ve noticed it’s being talked about in the crypto community more and more lately.

  4. You missed mentioning that advisor Tony Scott was also the CIO of VMWare and Microsoft.

  5. Good video Lark invested big time in this at the start of the ICO no1 platform come next year

  6. Sounds really good. I’ve never heard of it before. I’ll do some research, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it to invest at least 1 eth and see in a couple of years. Thanks for the great vid !

  7. Although the idea of a zero-fee exchange sounds awesome, COB (the token) is a pass for me, ために 2 reasons
    1) the token is not really tied to the business in any meaningful way. meaning that if COB (the exchange) is an absolute home run, i could see COB (the token) continuously decrease in value. Discounts on margin trading or discounts on sponsored ICOs are unconvincing
    2) zero-fees exchanges are not a new thing, this has been tried many times in the equities world, and they have all failed (not surprising, is it?) No matter how clever you try to be generating revenues, it turns out that exchange fees are necessary to run an exchange business

  8. It might. One thing to keep in mind like with Kyber is how many exchanges will want to promote a coin that could disrupt their exchanges (can’t remember if that was Lark or someone else who first pointed this out). Until they have working products, I suspect these coins are sleepers right now which is fine, but time is money as they say.

  9. Michael Roberts I love the sleepers. You have time to accumulate at very low prices. Great setup for an asymmetrical trade. You get one to two big paydays and it pays for the others and then some. What I like about Cobinhood is their model and how they are attempting to make a one stop shop rather than the niche exchanges we have presently. Bitfinex is all about margins and high volumes. Bittrex is about variety of coins but not that many icos, Binance promotes icos, Gdax and Poloniex have pair trading with fiat. Coinbase ease of use and point of entry into crypto. All the other exchanges fall in one of these niche categories. Cobinhood has a new model while embodying all of these these characteristics. If successful the wait and payday may be unbelievably lucrative.

  10. I’m glad they were traded on EtherDelta. I was able to get them for 1 ETH per 5720 COB which was a very nice exchange rate, but I think these will dry up pretty soon. I missed the ICO barely so it allowed me to invest

  11. Hi All i would like to know why would they put this question when you open new account, : I confirm that i do not reside in New York State or Japan and I am not citizen of Japan???!??!?!?!

  12. I had a problem with my funds, but Cobinhood solved the problem. Cobinhood behaved correctly.


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