Buy TenX Before Moon Shot in 2018?


A very high prospect cryptocurrency for us all to keep an eye on is TenX. Whether or not you choose to invest in Tenx, that is up to you, however this is exciting to watch the development of the technology behind this project.

Buy TenX Before Moon Shot in 2018?

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  1. the TenX philosophy is totally against leaking news to pump the pricebut check out where their CCO has been visiting over the last 3 ヶ月 …. and figure it out 😉

  2. I love your channel man. You deserve a lot more subs brother. keep it up and thank you for all you do.

  3. 8/9 週間.
    I’m sure they will have it down to a few days soon enough👌 demand is highand no doubt a lot to get control of with such a new company.
    I can only imagine how envious other start-ups must be of the interest shown in Tenx and their debit card!

  4. Their entire wait-list should be cleared by the end of the year, for Europe at least. Got mine a few days ago. Don’t know aboutmooning”, but it should go up by end of Q1 of 2018. Decent time to buy some now and wait for it.

  5. Guys get yourself some Powr, genesis vision, clearpoll and etn for huge gains 2018 …. all of them are extrem undervalued

  6. Perfect channel man!!!! Really nice to watch your videos. Much better then on CNN or BBC professional speakers do. And of course amazing reviews

  7. とても興味深い. But this not buying shares of this tenx company, its buying their coin. Their coin won’t be worth much if it keeps moving in price, it needs to be stable in order for people to use it for everyday purchases. Also what stops any other coins coming in , doing the same thing as them

  8. I got Genesis Vision at ICO, just a bit tho, it is not 6 and change today. Still a good price to get more?

  9. Stefano Lodato
    I think its still a good price, the portfolio Management didnt even start yet. So the moon shot is st o ll ahead

  10. I went in over 1700 コイン. I hope this comment getsyou must be rich nowresponses next year 😀

  11. Great call man! Today is Dec 19th and TenX is up 250% since this video! Altcoin buzz knows his stuff. Cardano next to moon shot

  12. Bonpay only has 1/50 of tenxmarketcap, cooperate with bitfinex/bittrex/poloniex for business and will be listed on new exchanges within the next 2 週間 (february)


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