Buy Quantstamp Before Huge Gains in 2018?


Quantstamp just completed a succesful ICO and has hit the markets maintaining and growing with the momentum it carried in the ICO.

Buy Quantstamp Before Huge Gains in 2018?

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  1. Qanststamp is EXACTLY what the Crypto space urgently needs right now. It will surge and surge with so many people want to have a piece of it. This crypto will make many people rich who jump on board now with this price. 2018, you would wish this is still the price.

  2. Subbed after watching this video and had already bought some QSP earlier todayUnlike most altcoins that don’t do anything useful, this one is VERY promising! It will take off HUGE in 2019 when it’s ready to go and will steadily increase in 2018 I think after each successful test and milestone met.

    Here is how you purchase via Coinbase, buy ETH or BTC with credit card or bank transfer, then send to Binance ETH or BTC wallet, then use QSP/ETH or QSP/BTC in Market mode (not Limit mode which is selected by default.) Bought at $0.20/QSP and after watching this video, felt like a chump since the OP bought at $0.12 笑

  3. DK327 Hi i bought QSP in Limit mode on Huobi. But what’s the difference between the Limit and Market modes?

  4. Great coin, even Vitalik Buterin support a big help like the one Quantstamp can give. This coin will be huge!

  5. Hell yeah I’m in its at 11c rite now i bought in at 15c asap
    Now it’s rolled back I’m gona whack my shavings into it over the next period of months..

  6. Hey Jeff, Quanstamp vs Ethereum Blue? Both seem to have a similar function but Blue has a significantly lower supplyBlue has seen a HUGE surge over the last week as well. 感想?

  7. Hey man thanks so much for your videos, 非常に有益. I’ve been look at XtraBytes (XBY) for a while, I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. Undervalued and has massive potential. Would love to know your thoughts on it 🙂

  8. Will Well I’m reading more on Quanstamp. Do you believe it’s a long term coin to hold? 感謝!

  9. quanstamp is a great pick i am sure there are better ones but in my opinion will be a more than great hold.

  10. Quantstamp: designed to secure all smart contracts. スケーラブル, cost effective, the future. #ブロックチェーン

  11. Now that it’s actually 40-50 セント, is this where it’ll stay for a long time??? I feel like it will..

  12. ljonathan991 hahaha dude all crypto is low but i assure you there are huge players on the sidelines hoping people are stupid enough to sell when its low


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