Buy Privacy Coins For 2018 | Top Picks


Going into 2018 there will be a lot more buzz surrounding the development of the various privacy coin platforms. Since so many are discovering the vulnerability and total transparency of their public accounts, there should be more people moving a good portion of their portfolio in select privacy coins real soon.

Here are our top picks for 2018, but in no particular order:

ダッシュ, 通貨 ,ZCash, Verge, DigitalNote, PIVX

Buy Privacy Coins For 2018 | Top Picks

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  1. Seems like everyone got that memo today. Think about it though: Look how MANY exchanges they are listed on, and how stringent those exchanges are for vetting coins that get added there. They actually HAVE a product (Their coin and their wallet). We can assume that the Wraith Protocol isn’t vaporware, and will be out soon.

    I don’t personally know that team, nor am I biased in my opinions aside from holding a position in their coins.

    FUD is good for lowering the price of something. HYPE/FUD can do wonders or damage to values of any of these coins.


  2. It wasn’t all-encompassing. And a lot of people graduate from MIT each year….. 😛 . -Steve

  3. Privacy Coin with the greatest return in 2018? look no further than SPECTRECOIN, and ZCOIN. Period. Thanks me later. This is December 2017, Spectrecoin trading at 1,5 usd, ZCoin 120 usd. Bookmark this.

  4. Best privacy coin out there is NAV Coin. So undervalued. No one talks about it.

  5. 笑, didnt mean it that way, but that based on the fact that one of the investors is MIT, that is very interesting. So you dont see it a winner ? or has big potential in real growth ( not pump and dump ) ?

  6. You lose credibility promoting Verge. It’s a shitcoin, dogecoin sent over the Tor network, something that can be done with any coin. Wraith protocol is vapourware.

  7. he didnt lose credibility, as many people still see it credible, if you dont see him credible, you can unsubscribe.

  8. Very funny cause the wraith protocol will ad features which other privacy coins already have like Spectrecoin or Stealthcoin….

  9. Hey Steve, need to add COLX to this list!
    Really undervalued for potential privacy coin.

  10. ひどく. I don’t understand the hype about Wraith. Spectrecoin is a much more solid coin and already does what Verge hopes to do. It all comes down to advertising I guess.


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