Buy Potcoin Before Moon Shot in 2018?


Will you be buying Potcoin, before it goes up in 2018?

Buy Potcoin Before Moon Shot in 2018?

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  1. Potcoin just put machines in 60 different countries last month.The volume went from 100,000 a day to tens of millions in the last month. This is for real. I saw the machines they are like little green atms that sell potcoins. Its on trust me.

  2. BOOM!!! Just shot back up at 42 cents/share. It looks like we got a support level right around 30 cents..

  3. I just searched all over googleand potcoins twitter feed. Where did you hear they put out the potcoin atms? Do you have a link?

  4. Potcoin Bossis it true they just installed a bunch of potcoin ATMs in different countries?

  5. 40 セント, its getting high and it will continue to get higher.
    This coin actually has a pretty good following and a lot of dev work being done to it, wish i had more$$$ to throw at it tbh
    Could easily hit 5$ , look at all the other useless coins that dont even do anything, yet this thing is getting in on a big new fresh industry and pretty well situated in its niche not many coins can really say that…. most coins have no real business model/use case/arent really in use like this coin.

  6. Dear AltcojnBuzz, can you make a video and compare THC with Potcoin? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work guys.

  7. I just covered POT, THC, and DOPE on my channel and I think once Canada legalizes in July 2018 all the coins will see a 5x to 10x gain just off that news alone, and a bit of a run up prior to July 1st.

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