Buy EOS COIN Before Moon Shot in 2018?


EOS on the way up and how high can EOS Go? Is now the time to buy EOS?

Buy EOS COIN Before Moon Shot in 2018?

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  1. I think it’s still too early for a sustained growth like this. I’m curious as to what’s driving the current growth since the full scale launch won’t even be for another 8 ヶ月. The market is very fickle. I doubt the moon shot is within sight, but with that said, I don’t know what’s causing the recent rise, so it’s entirely possible that it will continue to rise.

    Lisk, しかしながら, seems to be the first to make an attempt at moon shot, and possibly Verge, but no idea what their timeline is.

    But Eos on the flip side has a very ambitious launch plan which can easily send waves throughout the entire market, as no other platform will have such a diverse range of products and services at launch, and no other platform has shown such ambition other than Eos, so it will be VERY interesting to say the least! 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting pioneering year.

    I almost forgot to mention that they have a governance clause that prevents hard forks! That’ll be very healthy for investor confidence, and a stark difference between Ethereum and Eos, and possibly even Lisk and Cardano. I don’t think other platforms have a definitive guideline as to address concerns about governance as Eos has. Until then, they’re simply appealing platforms looking to compete, but a platform is just a platform if you can’t generate productive momentum. The Eos launch will offer that confidence in developmental momentum.

  2. This is a sleeping giant. People investing in pointless apps, when there is this HUGE project called EOS staring them in the face, which is yet to take off, and pretty much guaranteed to take off in 2018.

  3. They have launched Dawn one recently which means that people who want to launch apps on the platform have been given tools to start.

  4. charlie charlie
    Ah, 面白い. Gonna be interesting to see how their launch will turn out.

  5. 夜明け 2.0 on 4.Dec. 🙂 One month ahead of schedule.
    I heard Dan saying they are 8 months ahead in multi-thread development which was planned for the end of 2018. That’s Dan folks. Steve Jobs of Blockchain technology. To me No1 expert in this field.

  6. ところで, it is important to point out ICO token distribution is done like this so they make sure as many tokens as possible goes to different people, not just to bunch of whales.

  7. EOS platform is simple no gas and other craptokens determine how much processing power your application can take. It is first smart contract platform where tokens actually have meaning..

  8. @Daniel
    You put in contractobligationunder which certain actions will be executed (or not). You then run this contract on ALL blockchain nodes which have to confirm the same result.
    Although it sounds simple it has huge significance. This means you can put any, let’s say business contract, on blockchain and you know it will be validated by all nodes in the network and there is no space for manipulation. You can consider smart contract network as decentralized network of lawyers.
    Information here can be almost anything.
    Smart contract blockchain is a huge deal. This is why most of my investments are in that field.
    Problem is that people haven’t recognized how powerful it can be. I personally think many ETH or EOS investors have no clue what smart contracts are, which is kind of sad thing. しかし, 一方、, it shows you this technology is very new and people still have to adapt to it and recognize the value it brings into their life or business decisions.
    This will be the most active field of investment in near futureat least that is how I see it.

  9. why do some people complain that they have less coins than they bought as time goes by? is it peg to something?

  10. This is the only crypto I own and bought a lot. Hope it will destroy the corrupted centralised systems we operate within.

  11. The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, 含めて, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform.

    I don’t get itare we hoping that the EOS tokens would be transferable after the actual platform is launched?

  12. 1000 dollars by the end of 2019 im calling it now its at 5 dollars rn thats a 200x increase buy buy buy


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