Buy Electroneum? Undervalued Cryptocurrency? $5 年末まで 2018?


Electroneum is a cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption by being based on a mobile app. Heres why be believe we might be able to see Electroneum at $5 年末まで 2018. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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Buy Electroneum? Undervalued Cryptocurrency? $5 年末まで 2018?

32 注釈

  1. electroneum to the moon! i think $5 reached by end of june, when mining launches at least to 1 usd, new exchanges another 50c in total, still plenty of big deals in the pipeline another 2 usd, plus the more people get in the faster and higher it will go!

  2. I just bought etn worth of 1000dollar and after 10mnts u just uploaded a video awesome 😎

  3. I love this channel and i have been a viewer for some time now. The reason i always liked (and still do) is because of the facts and none hype. But lately i see it shifting abit. Its okay to come up with fewer undervaluabled coins. (i am a fan of ETN tho. that aside) but what im trying to say is that please remain how you were and keep the content up instead of the hype. AltcoinBuzz doesnt need these kind of thumbnails. Prevail with the content like you have always done. Peace out. A big fan!

  4. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me but what the heck do I know. This market is too wild to predict in my opinion. Hopefully everyone is happy at the end of 2018!!!

  5. Michael stollaire is going to be a huge asset! Get electroneum in with some of the big contacts he has! Titanium and electroneum will be huge in 2018!

  6. Thanks for the feedback Willem, will certainly take that more onboardShailen 🙂

  7. It will be easely be $5 at the end off the year. おもう $10. ザ・ 5 we will reach mid this year. 👍🏼

  8. $5,-? Its going the be the first coin with Mobile Mining option..I think $5,- is undervalued. This is a big thing. Most important it is a NEW thing! People love NEW things! Just like ADST! This is gonna rock also on a long term. There have an amazing Idea.

  9. Think this is a great project. Long way to go to $1.00 but from there with exposure on more exchanges and mobile enhancements I do think we can expect a lift to $2.00 に $3.00 今年.

  10. Good job Shailen. You had big shoes to fill under Jeff and Steve and you do a great job! Keep it up bud!

  11. Shaylen, you are improving your presentation skills and that is all I will say. がんばり続ける!

  12. Why is 20 not enough? If he is happy to put 20 in and gets a nice return, what is the problem? I also bought at 0.08 ために 20 ユーロ. I wanted to see what it would do.

  13. I just got back.. から 2019.. you’re spot on. Nothing to worry about here guys.

  14. Absolutely agree, I would never click on a link with a name like this if it wasn’t from Altcoin Buzz. Jeff lamented the low quality of comments on their pages, hyping up Linda etc without any real facts behind it. Make quality videos to maintain a quality audience

  15. 笑, bankrupted sheeps. it’s 1.3 cents and drowning to the Mariana Trench. Go grab your submarines to go get your stupidity


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