Buy Cardano and Buy Vertcoin on the Dip?


As I was looking through the market to figure out what I wanted to spend some of my holiday money on, I saw some opportunity in two of my trusty standbys (VertCoin and Cardano), as well as some other opportunity in IOTA too.

Buy Cardano and Buy Vertcoin on the Dip?

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  1. I need some theme music, like a professional wrestler or when the football team takes the field! -Steve

  2. The Night man cometh, tomorrow we will get a video from Jeff, the day man, fighter of the night man, and champion of the sun

  3. I went to watch this on my Google pixel while playing Xbox. And it suddenly appeared on my TVOther than that bought cardano at .12 and am HODL

  4. its hard to buy any more cardano and vertcoin when you bought millions when those were dirt cheap haha

  5. Right, I talk to myself and sayWhy are you buying this again at these prices. You should have just bought more when you first got into it dummy!” -Steve

  6. i tell myself diversifying is better in the long run whereas going all in might have better short-term benefits

  7. cardano and IOTA are huge huge projects, life changing ones . ppl forget there is a good chance that they will fail . especially IOTA .

  8. Cardano is a great opportunity. I really think it’s well structured and well researched.

  9. I’m impressed at TRX and XVG performance, they’re holding up pretty well, always green, I’m waiting for that dip to buy some more, but it’s not happening.

  10. IOTA will hit 5.30 来週, but it won’t stay there. Can’t seem to maintain any stability above $4. It’s a very volatile coin.

  11. How u all make these predictions? Some say ripple will hit 2, some 5, some 10How do you even come up with these numbers? Why couldn´t it reach 10k like btc? Bitcoin was also once at 1dollar

  12. You’re absolutely right. I’m long on Cardano. The team they have put together is stellar. They are doing the hard work of peer review and building a sustainable model for the future. Very ambitious! It will take years to realize the potential benefits. Hodl.

  13. VTC just hit a nice fib entry level. apple wallet getting bugs sorted now and should be realised soon followed by android as stated on their fb. Personally i have always like vert coin longterm although i do trade it alot. I have been accumulating recently due to the wallets should really make it more wanted. Massive year ahead for it in 2018 and still much room to grow on the market cap. In my opinion i see these as a top 15 coin if not 10. Love how its also community driven! all imo! Again thanks for another great video.


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