Bullish Pennant For Monero & Short Term Peak For Zilliqa? + (ETN & EOS) – テクニカル分析


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We are having our third red crypto day in a row and I think most of you are longing for another green day. That could happen soon, but right now we are moving in a slightly downward trajectory.

このビデオで, Marten will give you the latest update on Zilliqa and Electroneum but also new analyses for EOS & 通貨.
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Bullish Pennant For Monero & Short Term Peak For Zilliqa? + (ETN & EOS) – テクニカル分析

18 注釈

  1. 20K XRP will be life changing sooner than you think. We are the 0,018% of the worlds population that is in XRP right now!

  2. In ETN we dont care for BTC moves. なぜ? Because mass adoption is coming with Instant payment system, 1000 vendors for just beta testing, iOS cloud mining, mobile miner, huge partnerships with mobile operators, great team, incoming marketing, gig economy, real life use case and user growth faster than facebook (true fact).

  3. Monero is so manipulated by Bot trading on Binance that it will not be Bullish until they decide it will. If you don’t believe me try making a decent sized buy order and see if it ever gets filled. 🤦🏾‍♂️😩😩

  4. I know people are in panic mode but be patient! We will all be crypto rich in 2019

  5. Please take a look at and review DGTX. You did a video on futures a few days ago, the are a commission free futures platform that uses its own token to denominate contracts. Also its been moving up in the bear market.

  6. I’ve been saying it watch GVT. Now it is crushing it. $3.50 in August and as of right now $12.44 and rising. GVT to the moon

  7. Invest in Fantasy Gold (FGC), ザ・ #1 Coin for Fantasy Sports and eSports. Low market cap and easily bought with Fiat.


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