BREAKING! TRUMP Pumps BITCOIN Over $10,000 as Protests Rage Across America – 六月 2020 暗号ニュース

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Bitcoin pumps over $10,000 on Trump news as protests rage across America, Ethereum scaling, big news!

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0:52 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
4:27 Blockfi
5:27 Ethereum Scaling
6:50 Bitcoin Upgrade
7:33 American Protests
10:24 Trump Pumps Bitcoin


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BREAKING! TRUMP Pumps BITCOIN Over $10,000 as Protests Rage Across America – 六月 2020 暗号ニュース




60 注釈

  1. I am in profit I still feel like we are being under Valued! No more protest on the street that is what they (the people in power) want! Be self sufficient do things to avoid taxes as much as legally possible. Don’t be a sheep don’t be used.

  2. おかげラーク! Cardano will rein supreme for 2020 そして 2021. Get in now before you miss the launch and fomo in at a much higher price! ADA #1

  3. Will we get Charles Hoskinsons picture on your wall along with Assange, if Cardano surpasses Ethereum in the future?

  4. @Fingerboard It doesn’t matter who is anti anything. The key takeaway here is that you have no master. And you don’t owe anybody anything, regardless of what they tell you. On every level, if you’ve accepted someone as your superior, you’ve accepted the title of inferior by definition. And there will be none of that.

  5. Agreed I feel you 100%. And instead of the typical rioting where things are destroyed on a horizontal axis. We need to look up, vertically, and destroy the actual control structure that led us here. Completely! And once it’s gone, burn the ashes.

  6. With the launch of OmiseGo (now OMG Network’s) Level 2 Ethereum scaling solution today on its mainnet i’d love it if you took a fresh look at where OMG is today. also if you could somehow land an interview with Vansa or Kasima from OMG Network as a separate interview that would be SPECTACULAR because you ask the BEST questions of any crypto youtuber i’ve come across. Have a great day!

  7. @Cometa Soulstar 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🤙🤙

  8. Bitcoin the peaceful exit, the peaceful revolution, the money of the people, for the people.

  9. Do you think it is possible to fix the system without violence?
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ― Buckminster Fuller

  10. The Crypto Lark if you ever consider Making a “Team Lark” I’m in. I’m an Actor who knows how to present and I am Organically Into Crypto. I think there is no one better than you in the “Crypto Financial space” who Presents and Educates. I live in Australia. Just putting it out there

  11. I’m about at the break even mark, I started btc last Aug on a low income. You were the perfect fit mentormasterfor me at that time. For that I sincerely Thank you. I am not optimistic about much right now, but I have been strengthening my security will gold as well, I turn 65 today.. I’m a fixed income pensioner now. not too happy about that. Cheers Larky.

  12. I am in China. No taxes on gains from investments like gold. Cant easily invest in Crypto here so I go through my US bank and the normal exchanges. The US takes a chunk of those gains but China apparently does not tax you on the gains from the risk you take when you invest. That is nice!

  13. Trump . . . is Closing-In on the Antifas that did Shrooms, Played Watchdogs 2, and permanently warped their Brains .
    Strange .

  14. Happy bday. I put my super into BTC and few alts couple months back. に 25 yrs when I’m 65 and get to access, should be sorted. Let’s hope we can make it that far. 乾杯

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  16. Happy B Day mate, it’s great to hear that you’re jumping on board the crypto express. It’s positive to see people from all ages involved. Take a look at Silver also, starting to move this year👍

  17. 大金の「印刷」が続く👀

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track ..⛹🏻‍♂️

  18. Also do your research on altcoins also sir, there are many opportunities. And having money in a few equities is never wrong either cheers

  19. I just got recommended to him on tweeter and i investdd, please how good is he

  20. I’m so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr Bryan after a week I received $6468 to my bank

  21. If everyone(brokers) here is like B&C then there would be no problem and the world would be a better place. He has helped so many people and I’m part of those people.

  22. Bryan is legit and he’s methods work like magic, I keep making €5,000 every single week with he’s new strategy.


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