Bitcoin’s First Lightning Payment Successful

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A Java Developer just used Bitcoin Lightning Network to successfully complete a payment to his cell phone company. BitRefill is a cellular provider that already accepts Bitcoin as payment, and one customer in particular just made his payment to them using an in-development protocol known as Lightning.

Lightning is one of the proposed scalability solutions for Bitcoin, as well as all of the other coins that are built on the the Bitcoin core. This process allows payments between parties to be setup ahead of time on a private ledger and have the funds transfer back and forth without the required verification on the blockchain. Whenever either party desires to resolve the contract, both parties are credited for the amount of BTC that resides at that time in each of their columns on that Lightning Ledger.

Bitcoin's First Lightning Payment Successful




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  1. As we speak EMBER is mooning on cryptopia #1 coin by trading volume!! Don’t be sleep remember Jeff called it !!

  2. When you’re buying “波紋”, you don’t own anything, XRP is merely a token in a centralized system that you are only RENTING!!!

    THEY (the banks) don’t even have to use this token!!!!!

    THEY (the company ripple) own the vast majority of those tokens and have ultimate control over so they can manipulate the market as they please.

    THEY can close shop or drop the token anytime like a hot potato and make a new one at any given time.

    You are NOT buying shares and you are NOT buying a real currency.

  3. 2014 MM ight and cool for you, you may like it idc, im not pumpin the coin, i dont have the power and following to do so. Cryptocurrency is supposed to be looked at a bitcoin perspective because of its focus on decentralization. The whole point of crypto is to avoid the banks. I find it contradictory to what crypto is. Im just sayin what i like. If you want to learn somethin about decentralization and the cases behind it through history and such. Ebay, amazon, skype focus on decentralization which is what made it popular, the common person can have input to the direction of the platform. Book is called the starfish and the spider by brafman.

  4. XRP already solves a real problem (FX trades in 4 秒). アマゾン, Ebay, Paypal and most of the world banks may just take up this blockchain solution because it is a centralized solution. Solves a real problem in a real world. The fact is, banks aren’t going anywhere and Bitcoin is nothing but a ponzi scheme. A store of value at the moment with old tech and high fees. BTC will take over but that too has a death warrant. XRP on the other hand has the potential to replace SWIFT which is decades old. Start thinking away from a Bitcoin perspective as that’s the real world we live in and make some good decision with investing. XRP earnt me 400% return. Nothing and no one will kill the banks. Trust me and I know what goes on inside bankswe’re talking complete control of the world economies. 99% of crypto will die off and fade away in the next 3 years or so. You can’t get paid in Crypto and never will on mass. Not in our lifetime anyway. 最後に, in the strong economies, banks can refuse a transfer to an Exchange stating you’re breaching terms and conditions of holding a bank account. How do I know this? Well it’s already happening. Imo Ether and XRP are good investments.

  5. You have a really good point, but other cryptocurrencies won’t just magically become centralized in order to survive, not all places around the world have a trusted government, or trusted banks, or banks even at all. Thats what i like about stellar, they want to provide a payment method and platform that doesn’t require them to physically go to a bank. Banks will not disappear anytime soon, but if people and such lose faith in their government and banks, they will have a decentralized cryptocurrency to go to. The thing about centralization is that it could be manipulated much more, or it could be shut down easier. Im not saying xrp is bad, but if wall street and business men want to get into crypto they will start with ripple, and idk what could happen from there. I found it weird that when BTC crashed a week ago while ripple did not. 一方, glad you made profit and hope you continue to do so. Thanks for having some reasoning, unlike many other people.

  6. RaiBlocks (XRB) seems promising, faster transactions, no fees, did not do any ICO, no premining, all coins are circulating, all seems good

  7. I know NXT to nothing about it, but I’d do my research first. Could be a good reason why its being dumped. CryptosRUs (other youtuber) had some explanations for it. Maybe Altcoin Buzz can talk about whats going on with it in their next video?

  8. Yup, agree with you on third world countries using a blockchain like Stellar or Verge to deal with inflation and corrupt govts. that however is short term. I’m concentrating on first world economies and blockchains that survive the crypto craze going on at the moment. Hence, don’t write off XRP as a nasty bank technology and Bitcoin as the freedom technology. Key blockchain solutions will have their purpose in their own way. Litecoin and Ether are good serving solutions. But will they get anywhere? Who will adopt it? They need to serve a purpose. 例えば, Venezuela has announced their own Crypto to be designed by the govt. What a joke! Most Venezuelans are turning to Bitcoin alternatives to survive. Imo Crypto is a dotcom waiting to happen and only a handful will be around in 3 年.


  10. you should do a review on DBC (deepbrainchain). This crypto is a big topic here in Switzerland (don’t know why) and I think this thing could become pretty BIIIG!! your channel is great, keep going! greetings

  11. Electroneum and tokenpay for 2018 確かに, but what ever the coin get it NOW while the market is down … 2018 will go nuts !

  12. It was only getting bought up because people wanted the 2:1 Airdrop of IGNIS which was worth more than the NXT in the first place. Then oddly the day after the airdrop IGNIS soared. So good news for those that played into the gimmick of buying NXT for the IGNIS and then dumping it. And rumour has it that some other coin is airdropping into IGNIS so could explain the big uptake.

  13. Except that Raiblocks doesn’t really workIOTA does have similar problems, but they are getting resolved and they aren’t on the protocol level.

  14. Ripple is the biggest scam. Ripple should only be worth 1$usd. Its used for swif transactions everyone who buys over a dollar is going to get screwed

  15. Raiblocks seems to have solved their issues with their main exchange now. IOTA also had a lot of problems so that you couldn’t withdraw from Bitfinex and/or Binance, but now it’s working fine.

    Might be that Raiblocks actually works, and it was just FUD about the protocol, but the next step is to get people using it. IOTA is clearly ahead there, and NEO and EOS will have projects on them that offer free instant transactions, so we’ll see what Raiblocks can do.


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