Bitcoin X (BCX )スーパービットコイン (SBTC) Hard Fork


スーパービットコイン [先物] and BitcoinX [先物] are a hard fork of Bitcoin. This hard fork happened and left many people baffled by the deposited coins in their wallets.

Bitcoin X (BCX )スーパービットコイン (SBTC) Hard Fork

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  1. PivX making moves. Getting ready to.shooot up also. Keep an eye on it. Thanks for.the awesome info

  2. I got some of both on Binance and I taught its a scam xD LOL
    Recently found out it is a btc fork 🙂
    Thx Jeff for great infos!

  3. one of the team members are identified and chief scientistso what, he researches the coin? what the hell is a chief scientist?

  4. Same here , please anyone can answer the question of how to get it on coin base account

  5. Jeff, thanks for all the time and energy you put into sharing your experience. I appreciate the grounding, level headed approach you use to communicate with the community, especially those of us who are new to this.Best-

  6. If your exchange dose not supports it. Your not getting any.. conbase is not on da list ;(

  7. I read that Coinbase will allow users to collect Forks on Jan 1. I think they were trying to keep it for themselves at first.

  8. Please do a video soley based on verge , everything from front to back thank you for all the info keep it coming thanks

  9. Thanks for putting this out, its nice looking on your exchange and seeing new money, 笑.


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