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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsMillenials love Bitcoin…..surprise! Uganda gets Binance, Bitcoin and the sex drugs nexus, no rock and roll, sorry!

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A Fifth of UK Millennials Would Rather Invest in Bitcoin Than in Real Estate



Coinbase CEO Unveils Crypto Charity for the Unbanked

Illicit Bitcoin

Silk Road

Drugs Kill

Meth Spoon



300 Million Bitcoin

Someone Sent 300 Million USD in Bitcoin (BTC) Paying a Fee of 0.04 米ドル

Big Money Coming

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ビットコイン, Sex, & DrugsCrypto Burning Man – ビットコイン & Cryptocurrencyニュース

22 注釈

  1. hahahahahah I thought the same thing and im not high. He just kept going like nothing happened is what killed me

  2. The floodgates will open when the institutions fall over themselves for the cheapest price. Lots of folks that bought in Dec/Jan selling bags out of fear. Liking the direction of your channel Lark, keep up the great work!

  3. I’m from the UK and one fifth could be overstating it. The media has done its job well of suppressing crypto’s potential whilst supporting the banks treasonous campaign to enslave us all in debt. Anyhoo, always a pleasure Skylark. Admire your open defiance to the establishment and central banks in extolling the benefits of their blatant profiteering using good old fashioned fiat for money laundering and drug dealing with their government concealed global smuggling network. Hopefully one day we will find those traitorous elite who are the enemies of humanity, hiding on their islands (not far from you actually) and overrun them.

  4. Uganda be Satoshing me. Millenials love Bitcoin. Who would have Sold on that? When you are in the Nexus, 何でも可能です. Just ask Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations.

  5. Great comments on the double standards and hypocrisy of justice departments and big pharma in relation to the Rick Ross situation.

  6. you gota love the adbank video on their website its crazy funny, awesome video tonight you definitely deserve way more subscribers

  7. The Crypto Lark bringing you the worlds BS and making it more embarrasingly transparent than it already is. Haha love your views and vids man.

  8. Love the mr. Burns reference because it is so perfectly appropriate. Great show lark!

  9. crypto lark your a proper superstar talking about prescription drugs #cannabisforthewin

  10. Legalize everything> SAFER communities and smarter people. Portugal did it. They’re doing better for it…… The two sided agency that is corporations/government in regards to drugs is probably one of the biggest hindrances to human progress, YET they blame US for inciting crime when they have been proven to be the biggest perpetrators time and time again…. Hypocrisy at its finest

  11. What was I laughing at again? Oh yes, that crippled Irishman! Haha love the reference Lark, great vid as always

  12. Reported by the Daily Mail (イギリス) “Every British bank note is contaminated by cocaine within weeks of entering circulation”as far as I’m aware no Bitcoin has ever been rolled up to snort Coke !! Perhaps the US authorities are investigating the wrong currency for links to illegality , they really are soooo dumb

  13. 確か, I also want the price to go up, but to me this is less about the market and more about the movement! Crypto can bring us security, equality, and P2P connectionvery powerful video Lark, well done!!

  14. ひばり, I saw you in person at NAC3, I just can’t stress enough how your personality and passion is a bright spot amongst this oftentimes money oriented crypto community! 良い仕事を続けてください, and all hail Uganda Knuckles!


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