ビットコインどのようにするにはMASTERザ・ゲーム [2020]

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ビットコイン – how to master the gamethese are the tips you need to help give you an edge in investing!

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ビットコインどのようにするにはMASTERザ・ゲーム [2020]




30 注釈

  1. I heard Chuck Norris killed death. He just decided that Verge be good idea. lol Thanks for sharing!

  2. If you’re rich and miserable then you lost the game best quote today I heard in a while

  3. To buy 1 Bitcoin on Coinbase today the fee would be UK £220 Sterling. (Just checked it on the preview to buy)
    Just read an article today that claimed some investor whale just moved 160,000 bitcoin for just 95 セント.
    How is that first fee justified?

  4. For all those sweet newies incoming my best advice is to forge strong hands, Balls of Steel and Patience and at First try to avoid trading. Dollar cost average is the way to go. So welcome to the Jungle ladies and gentelmen 🤘🏼

  5. Chrrts mate. Love the content and u seem a good giy. Hope ur rral like us giys. Remember money is to help us not to bind us. G

  6. トレーディング (when proper risk management is exercised) is a great way to master and accumulate more BTC. Here’s to Lark creating more videos to help aspiring traders 👍

  7. Noobies need to know to avoid anything which involves a middleman: just watch the scammers come out of the woodwork once we get into ATH territory. If anyone approaches you as abroker”, run a mile.

  8. Rich makes it a bit easier to cope with challenging times, you probably have a higher chance of being sad as a poor person than a rich person, why do you think everyone wants to be rich and book galore are printed on the subject there is a reason for this.

  9. First time crypto people, a few things to know do you research on crypto your interested in, never sell at a lostand if you ask me do your best to get one bitcoin (BTC)

  10. @Bill D’Amico In one sense, holding some of your coin in different places like a BlockFi cold storage vault, hardware wallet etc distributes your risk profile so you’re not holding all your funds in one place.

  11. ‘Tips: 1) intermittent fast, try to get to one meal per day, it will save you money, improve your health. 2) eat super healthy, health is a very real form of wealth. Just ask any millionaire lying in a hospital bed wether they would trade most of their financial assets just to be free of their chronic health issue 3) live cheaply. Investigate living in a vehicle. It may sound drastic, but if you can find a super cheap living situation that doesn’t compromise your health, then consider it. You can take that money you would have spent on rent and use it to dollar cost average your crypto purchases. 5) learn constantly. Adopt the attitude of being always a student. The knowledge you acquire will make you far wealthier and happier than any winning lottery ticket would (most lottery winners go right back to their previous financial condition within a few short years). 6) stay positive. There is a solution to practically every problem in life. Seek out those who have had similar problems to yours and find out what they did.

  12. My cat woke me up this morning..she had her mask on and of course..her dogecoin sucks shirt on..free speech I guess ugh!!

  13. @Bill D’Amico not really. I figured why not get some out of it instead of just sitting on my ledger doing nothing. It’s not all of my BTC anyway just a couple hundred dollars.

  14. Steps to master bitcoin: stack satoshi’s, don’t trade, and hold on a hardware wallet. And if you have altcoins, then sell those for more bitcoin.


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