ビットコイン & Cryptocurrencyニュース – Why Consensus Failed, ICO Scams, and Seasteading


The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsTom Lee weighs in on why Consensus failed to trigger a bull run, national cryptos on the rise, ICO scams abound, and the crypto seasteading project.

Community Coin Vote



Norway Central Bank Considers Developing Digital Currency


Swiss Government Orders Preliminary Report on State-Issued E-Franc Cryptocurrency

Sout Korea

FUD No More: South Korea Set to Adopt G20’s Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations


Japanese Exchange Coincheck Eyes America for Expansion


Crypto Floating Island Project Closer to Realization

ICO scams



ICObench Warmer


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ビットコイン & Cryptocurrencyニュース – Why Consensus Failed, ICO Scams, and Seasteading

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  1. That’s a good reason to follow himI get agitated to easily thou, seeing some of the crap he posted would put me in bad mood so it has better for me just to not have to see it.

  2. John McAfee is a greedy man who takes advantage of his novice followers to win big money at their expense. Strangely enough, they can not open their eyes, stirred as if he had a magic wand hahaha

  3. Jack Good The best of what you have done, we have to break all of them and to discover the truth of peopleUntil now the world of cryptocurency is still in need of such quorumHe knows his end has approached so he tries to collect the largest amount of money at the expense of people in any way

  4. Scams and fraud is just as rife in the share-market world. I hold shares and have less faith is them than Crypto.
    ICO scammers should be brought down thru the blockchain trail & locked up just like any other criminal.
    If scammers don’t have any penalties they will grow in numbers & F–k up crypto like everything else their dirty hands touch.

  5. Keen for 100k special 😍 Love your content man, makes my life a whole lot easier being able to watch your videos as I don’t have time to do the research that you do. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of other people as well. Cheers from Aus 👍

  6. Thank you once again Lark. Looking forward to the podcast. And thank you for highlighting these charities and ofcourse for donating. Gives a warm and fuzzy feeling indeed 😀

  7. Interesting news update as always, ひばり! 感謝. The Seasteading thing is interesting and is sort of similar to the FreeSociety project backed by Olivier Janssens and Roger Ver whom are currently searching for an island to buy from a sovereign government to create a noncountry. Not sure about Olivier, but Roger seems like an impractical idealist and these types of people are often their own worst enemies, but when they are rich and thus powerful, they can be dangerous too, so I’m not sure I’d want to be living on an island with him. I found the ICObench story interesting as well. It’s almost like regulatory capture. It’s too bad so many get rich quick people are drawn to this space and don’t see or care about the bigger picture and are actually slowing the process down and threatening some of the very noble, egalitarian goals of the great projects.

  8. Credits ico was run with no problems my end people were given a time slot to take part and an limit on how much ether to send,i wish all ico’s were run like that makes it fair for us PI’s.
    But there still was peeps in the telegram complaining because they tried to take part before the time slot that they were given,they just don’t seem to be able to read a pinned message.

  9. I’m HODLIN’ Cardano but TRON’s name keeps poppin’ up everywhere! Esp Tron’s main net will go live in 10 日々! So bought a bag today! The bulls are at the gates! 🇺🇸👍✌️ Also CEO of Tron was a student and coworker of Jack Ma of Alibaba a possible support from Alibaba is coming in! Tron and Cardano to Mars! 🇺🇸👍✌️

  10. Me too but i’m starting to question if that ever will happen. I’m hodling, もちろん, what else can I do? There’s all these projects going on but prices keep falling……


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