ビットコイン & Cryptocurrencyニュース – Moon Lambo, SEC Helping ICOs, & Exchange Wars


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsthe SEC wants to help ICOs, Exchanges making big moves to increase utility, moon lambo spending increases, theft by cop, そしてその 700 Million dollar Bitcoin farm coming to New York.

Chinese Bank Cheques

Moon Lambo Kids

Reverse ICO

Japan Rejects Exchange

Huobi Blockchain

Huobi to Offer $166 Million Prize for Own Blockchain Creation

Binance Bank



SEC’s Clayton: ‘Come See UsIf You Want to Do an ICO

Theft by Cop

700 Million BTC farm


Bitcoin Gold to Implement New PoW Algorithm Preventing Future 51 Percent Attacks

Origin Protocol


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ビットコイン & Cryptocurrencyニュース – Moon Lambo, SEC Helping ICOs, & Exchange Wars

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  1. Great sign off, really liked it. Additionally I was under the impression that buying more bitcoins would in fact enlarge my johnson. And that would make the world a better place.

  2. I still gotta use paper checks for property tax. 😠 Thank you for mentioningwhat are we going to do with these sick crypto gains?” I’ve been waiting to hear it from just about everyone and no one has brought it up till just now. Bravissimo Lark. I plan to leave this physical experience knowing I took the majority of my abundance and made a differencewhile driving a Honda. Aloha.

  3. 驚くばかり, the cleverest know that the greatest gift in life is giving and helping

    P.S. paper checks…..笑

  4. Nice video! I want to profit enough to help my family and live a peaceful life. Thanks for the great words!

  5. Make the world a better place”. We need to hear more of this. ありがとうございました. Subscribed!

  6. I just want to pay off my college debt, my mom’s apartment, get a nice volvo suv, take a really nice vaca with the gf, and start to build my own fitness company, and then put the rest of them m00n gains back into le market YEAAAAA

  7. You know it’s going to be a good talk when Lark starts talking about himself in 3rd person;) I seriously think I would give you a big ole hug if I met you at a conference one day. You hands down have the biggest heart of any you-tuber out there❤️❤️❤️

  8. Oh Lark. You bring such a beautiful meaningful point of view! So needed in this crazy moon-lambo space. For me personally I pray that I could take care of my loved ones. Make their lifes sweet. Thats all I need man

  9. こんにちはラーク, from Wellington too man! Lower Hutt actually lol 🙂 Please could you review Bezant! I’m keen to go deep in it, but its hard to find information if its worth putting $ in it. 感謝

  10. “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity” Nikola Tesla

    What he means is there has to be a bigger reason for things (なぜ) not just (me) cause the community is the most important thing in crypto I think people miss that point and go straight for profit which is fine everyone wants gains I get it. Value projects, コミュニティー, learning and just enjoy the crypto ride and decentralization of the world!!!!

  11. I’m glad Crypto Candor & Zombie had you on. I like your show and thinking. I’m here to make the World a better place, but I got a lot to learn still.

  12. Digital checkDon’t they mean paper wallet. 😁 Pay the SEC their dues up front right !?! I feel terrible for that guy but what did you think would happen. You have to take it in chunks. The government steals more from its citizens than the criminals locked up for stealing. There’s a real mindbender.

  13. I’d like to see this too. I’m in it already for a decent amount based on my own research, as I think that it has good potential based on their team, their target market, and what they are trying to do.

    I did have a slight concern that private sale investors got a 60% ボーナス, so their effective buy in was $0.0625. Pre sale investors got a 25% ボーナス, so their buy in is around $008. The presale sold out in 1hr 19mins, which is pretty rapid. しかしながら, I still think that it’s a decent investment, even though the current price is around $0.133 (just over 2x the private sale price).

    Current Market cap is 50 百万, based on a circulating supply of 376,211,476 BZNT and a token price of $0.133. Total Supply is 1 billion BZNT, which would give a market cap of $132 百万, but less than half of that has been released. As always DYOR before investing though.

  14. Man have to give it to you about giving back and improving the world. Good on you man.

  15. Your positivity is much needed in this industry. Thanks again for such an amazing video old friend 🙂

  16. A wise person once told me, it’s ok to want everything, as long as it’s for the sake of sharing. So if a Farari will somehow help you share more, I say go for it. But if you are in the consciousness of sharing you’re probably gonna look around and see if anybody that you love no needs just any car, 等. Bc like you said, anything you acquire to feed your ego, will not fulfill you in the long run, 実際には, the opposite.

  17. I invest for my kids bro. Honestly I didn’t even care about my financial well being until I had my Son.

  18. I read the article about the Albanian grandpa getting robbed by the USG of his life savings as he was returning home. This is quite common in many developing countries. A family will work for years outside their native country, saving everything they have, with a goal of one day returning home to retire. The article talks about him needing cash to pay contractors etc. he was going to buy an apartment complex or nice house and retire. The problem is that their banks are so corrupt in many countries they steal the money from you or tip someone off to steal from you when you come home to use it. 同意する, the best solution (and what I see happening more and more), is people using privacy coins (XMR, Onions, PIVX) because it gives them the security they need to protect and use their savings.

  19. SEC at it again. Everyone should be informed now of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  20. うん, purchase LEDU tokens. You purchase a token which is worth hodling and also you will have power to learn all about technology especially cryptocurrency.


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