おっと! Hashrateは、ビットコイン価格LOT高くする必要があります伺えます


Bitcoin’s hashrate is 6x higher than it was when the price was $20,000. Analysis suggests Bitcoin’s price should be A LOT higher.


Hash Rate


Is the Hash Rate a good predictor of Bitcoin’s Price?

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HTTPS://www.ledger.com?R = 4b0f6c5711dc

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おっと! Hashrateは、ビットコイン価格LOT高くする必要があります伺えます

30 注釈

  1. Watching this in a sunny resort in portugal!! 😁🍺, impressed on your statistics!…. coming from a scientist! 👍👍 great video as usuall

  2. Not sure I believe there’s any real relationship between hash rate and price but you might be right. I guess I believe whatever price it’s at at any given time is exactly what the market is willing to pay for it unless there’s some way we can prove without a doubt that so calledwhalesactually have the ability to manipulate the prices artificially. Just some thoughts.

    As always, thanks for your hard work guys.

  3. Imagine what your net worth would be if you dollar cost averaged in when bitcoin was worth 6 セント.

  4. @UI Video Find a system that works and after testing, either as strategies or signals, be disciplined enough to stick with it..
    I am never bothered about the current price, I remember when I had reluctantly bought 1btc for $3000 last year and now I own 9.7btc plus I get a daily profit of about $450 by trading online.. I am presently mining some of my coins with IOC crypto miners & I’ve been receiving 10% profit increments everyday. We should all get in touch

  5. Dan TLive in the now man. Can’t go back in time. Plan for the future. Don’t live in thewhat if” 世界.

  6. Could someone tell me if you have heard of BitcoinV, suppose to have same algorithm as Bitcoin.

  7. Whats the truth yep for sure. Ppl always think of what ifs. U can buy now for 10k when it will be 1 million in the future then the same ppl saying what if they bought at 10k 🤷‍♂️

  8. ありがとうございました, 非常に有益, Fully Agree, one step forward 🚀, Catch you on the Next one 👍

  9. the people who are now unbankedI really doubt that we are going to see them invest in BTC. perhaps XRP or Monero is more likely

  10. This is a new technology! It’s on par with the early 90’s of the internet. 私が言ったことを覚えておいてくださいね.

  11. there is so much push for being bullish, but bitcoin maybe is already too high, it doesn’t mean that if now there is moremomentumor higher correlatedvaluevs public data, etc that bitcoin should be valued much higher.

  12. People are not going to invest in coins that are not secure. Bitcoin is the only secure network. XRP is worse than the dollar.


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