Something Big Is ComingAnd It’s Chinese.

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China Aims to Replace Cash with Two-Tiered Digital Currency, Says New Binance Report

First Look: China's Central Bank Digital Currency


CME Bitcoin Futures Trading Breaks Record, Averaging $370 Million Per Day


Pantera Capital: Bitcoin’s 8-Year-Compound Annual Growth Rate is Massive

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Something Big Is ComingAnd It's Chinese.

42 注釈

  1. I see a big pump of bitcoin and ressources like gold silver and other by nature limited ressources coming 🙂

  2. よく言いました….. “Different candy wrapper”.
    Actually more control, centralized…. 良くない.

  3. We need to be able to differentiate this type of digital cash from crypto, I suggest ”Digital Fiat”

  4. Altcoin Daily I hope to see you one day with more than a million subscribers, 良い仕事を続けます. I feel like you make a huge impact by educating people with crypto news! ❤️

  5. The Sesame Social Scoring system taken to the next level, soon to be law in 2020. The full Chinese population now in tight control.

  6. I still believe that the goal of digital fiat currencyto give more control to the governmentwhile the goal of cryptocurrency is the oppositereturn the control to the people, each individual or person”.

  7. 🧡💛💚💙 I’m shocked at how fast this is all happening. I was willing to wait 10 years for Bitcoin to become relevant. It looks like BTC + cryptos are getting boosted by world governments every month at an accelerating rate. 🧡💛💚💙

  8. It’s interesting that China created the first fiat and now they’re leading the way with digital

  9. I think this has been the plan to get people to buy inthe Bitcoin was the one to make people like digital currency and who knows, maybe China & our corrupt CIA created Bitcoin. destruction of sovereign money & privacy might be our future

  10. That’s why I never bought into it!! I have always believed the ultimate plan is trickery on the masses. I don’t want destruction of sovereign money & my little privacy I have left, to buy things in cash if I want to!

  11. @Annika_green I might agree that the whole Bitcoin thing is a creation of the banksters. Just like they created the FED, when they outsmarted everybody by leading the issue of banking, which was obvious at that time, they now might as well have created the crypto to again lead the problem of ever-decentralizing world instead of fighting it.

  12. yeah exactly…. its a s**t coin, just the chinese govt trying to get its hands in the game…. i hope it drives the price of btc up

  13. Don Mon : exactly, the people in the past were led and persuaded the way people are now—but with a massive globalization type world now, they knew the private sector peer to peer would have to be the way this is mass adopted. I believe it’s perception management and basic psychology. “Get the people to think they’re free and rebelliousswoop in later once they believe in it”
    Check out these IMF papers from a few years ago:

  14. Digital Fiat run by the State gives the State near total control over you. Unfortunately in the new world that is unfolding before our eyes the Chinese model is what almost everyone will try to put in place.

    The realist that I am doesn’t believe for a second BTC or other crypto will EVER be allowed to be the sole currency. Real crypto will always be underground and on the fringes as it should be, as nothing free from State control will ever be allowed to thrive as long as there’s a State to try to control things and stuff like BTC was NEVER meant to be under state or bank control.

    BTC and perhaps privacy coins are going to be part of the means the few use to survive the coming global superstate of which China is a type of. Chinas model IS the future. Prepare accordingly.

  15. All governments are cheaters and eventually they will print more of the money for them to continue spending out of control and devaluating your hard earned money

  16. Most everyone in China uses WeChat payments. How would this new system of currency integrate with it?

  17. @Annika_green yes very intuitive point! the globalists are always trying to undermine national sovereigntiesout of the frying pan (‘big bad government’) and into the fire (absolute global central control of all wealth).

  18. hendosia : oh damnyou caught me.
    With a comment like this, I won’t waste time explaining. Your mindset is just what big technocrats love! がんばり続ける

  19. @Annika_green the thing is, unless your doing something with your money that is illegal it doesn’t really matter. If the technocrats know what im doing what are they going to do about it? Send me relevant adds according to my spending habits? Know where i was while conducting non illegal activities? So be it.. unless i planned to join isis i dont care what they know..

  20. @hendosia if they can send me relevant ads I’m all for it. Now for all the YouTube videos I watch, I get three ads: clothes for large women, sunglasses and soap (same dumb-looking actor). Three products I have never been interested in. What a waste of everyone’s bandwidth.

  21. Chinese Communist Party is trying desperately to get rid of Hong Kong Dollar. China economy is crumbling. They have been falsifying their economic data for years. Their only solution was to keep on printing more money.


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