Setting The Record Straight: If You Hold Cardano You Might Want To See To See This!

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Is Cardano a scam? Or Is Cardano a great investment? If You Hold Cardano You Might Want To See To See This!


Charles Hoskinson YouTube Video (Surprise AMA 08-30-2019)

Surprise AMA 08-30-2019

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Setting The Record Straight: If You Hold Cardano You Might Want To See To See This!

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  1. The great retort to this conspiracy theoryscience is time-consuming but the discussion shows it is a serious approach in this endeavorit is the right approach for the long term. Congratulations ADA.

  2. Zilliqa also has a peer reviewed smart contracts, its smart contract is accepted by international conferences, its smart contract is formally verifiable, has a working sharding project, totally decentralized, has major partnerships with the biggest advertising agency in the world….and yet the whole crypto community thinks Cardano is the only blockchain that CAN DO all these…… It is totally due to aggressive marketing by Mr. Hoskinson. Good for Charles and Cardano….but i hope he does not say that Cardano is the only one that can do all these. Zilliqa ALREADY DOES ALL THESE. Whitepaper is different than a working product.

  3. Greta video. I’m a Cardano investor as well. しかしながら, the jury is still out on whether it will succeed. Completing Shelley mainet this year as promised would be a good start. An updated video on Vechain would be nice since they are starting to use for real world adoption. Thanks for the content. 乾杯!

  4. Zilliqa developers leaved project for Libra. they are offically work for Facebook. it was fund raising and fund raised founders become rich now nobody care Zilliqa

  5. Dude, Cardano is going to take over, keep sleeping on your side of the bed, to try coming to the Cardano side and say you were true believers when we are on top.

  6. @The Nerd Robert Don’t listen to all the fake news. No one left for facebook. Infact Libra’s smartcontract Move has many features that are already in Zilliqa’s Scilla smart contract. Zilliqa’s lead for smart contract language Mr. Ilya Sergey has also helped facebook in the past. But he is not working for them now. He is active with Zilliqa only apart from teaching. Do your own research and don’t listen to fake news.

  7. I’m all in Cardano! High risk high reward. It’s a potentially world changing project.

  8. Charles is the most transparent person out there, that will prove everyone wrong.

  9. Is Hoskinson´s day job being a judge and Cardano is his off work hobby project, or the the other way around maybe? Or what the heck is he wearing? Looks like he´s coming straight from a court ruling

  10. @Altcoin Daily I just like his transparency and trust and how he shows himself out there. You can firgue out the rest.

  11. 丁度,Bitcoin maybe the most trusted store of value in crypto but Cardano will be that and much more. The most lucrative investments are the ones you get in early on like the early BTC or Amazon stock investors did. Not saying that you can’t possibly get rich off of bitcoin in the coming years if you have a big enough stack but at this point SO many people know about bitcoin and it’s not really early anymore for BTC so that HUGE ROI opportunity is kinda gone unless you already have a lot of money to invest into it.

  12. Your first mistake is to put all your faith into one person on what he says or does not say, how transparent he is etc. I thought the point of crypto was decentralization….any coin you that has a central point of contact (corporation, a frontman etc) and is not driven by a community that will not let it be corrupted or for people to print more money out of thin air etc is when you have something with value. Eth is your prime example of this because they have already rolled back the chain in the past, vs the time where CZ from binance wanted to roll back the chain for btc and realized he couldn’t do it. Meaning Charles Hoskinson steers the boat, You gotta hope he steers it in the direction he wants for its entire existance, and people that trust someone they don’t know personally will learn thier lesson through a bad experience in this or elsewhere

  13. Charles is wearing his PhD graduation outfit if anyone wants to knowthat’s how badass he is…..

  14. You have to make a difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The 1st one tells u what to buy, the second when to buy. You don’t buy coins or tokens because the project is strong, you buy them because they are undervalued and will outperform BTC soon enough.

  15. Good stuff, I finally started filling Ada bag last week. Serendipitous timing! 😁🎇

  16. @Darren N We will have to see now won’t we. I sold all my altcoins and I’m going to reinvest in those that have actual use or high likelihood of future use when I feel the bottom is reached. I invested when bitcoin was around 3k in this run, maybe I get lucky with the altcoins as well.

  17. alot of good things and news for ICON (ICX) Can you guys please make a video on this one. I didnt find it on your channel.


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