“Only 5-10 Bitcoin Will Change Your Life In 20 Years.” [How To Think About Bitcoin As An Investor]

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Charlie Shrem believes that in a few years even 5 BTCs will be able to change the life of their owner.


SLP109 Preston PyshHow To Think About Bitcoin as an Investor

SLP109 Preston PyshHow To Think About Bitcoin as an Investor

Charles Shrem: “Only 5-10 bitcoins will change your life in 20 years.”

Charles Shrem: “Only 5-10 bitcoins will change your life in 20 years.

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►BTC: 3DYCrB2RCrREM6y3Ahxxuv9JjSVd6yrbz4


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“Only 5-10 Bitcoin Will Change Your Life In 20 Years.” [How To Think About Bitcoin As An Investor]




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  1. I had 3, but now I hold 1.04. And some other top 12 コイン. I’d rather be diversified. Bitcoin never got low enough for me to get back in. I was buying it at 1200..

  2. 5-10 BTC ($50-100K) would change a majority of ppl’s lives right now, paying student loans off, put half down on a small house, start a business

  3. 5-10?? I thought it use to be one. Ugh! Now i gota buy more and live off instant noodles

  4. Beef Wellington Formally known as Brian Meeker maybe life changing he means u can do drugs and hookers on a big yacht and never run out of money

  5. Gosh that’s like putting 100k in the stock market and wait 20 年. Mr Shrem is actually very Pessimistic 🤔

  6. 同意する, さえ 0.1 BTC is life changing money for some peopleif you have enough income, like i said above, to just buy even 1 BTC – you are well off.

  7. It’s already changed people’s lives even if they’re still working. It’s changed them from hopeless wage slaves to hopeful savers and investors. Sure some people still try to trade but generally they get tired of it as I did, and stop. Anyway I changed a lot once I started buying bitcoin. It’s much more exciting than stacking silver (as I used to).

  8. @sh0cktim3 if he said the same thing ten years ago, he really had a vision, but right now if you have 100k and have to wait 20 年, that doesn’t sound very bitcoiny.

  9. @jason b look at bitcoin wallet distribution. If you own 1 bitcoin you own more than 85% of bitcoin addresses, think how many people are even into bitcoin out of the world population. Also whales distribute their assets over many addresses.

  10. The word “ビットコイン” was wife changing. The now ex wife still insists I am crazy because of crypto 😊😊

  11. I think he’s 💯 correct 👍
    Just wait until people *fully* understand the resource it is in the world’s MOST SECURE NETWORK!
    You will see people side-chaining things we couldn’t even think of, because people will start thinkingWhy are we trying to build a secure network when you can piggy back on the world’s largest and secure for nothing!!!
    I made the mistake of selling a bunch in exchange for property and now realise it’s REALLY HARD to buy at bottoms in *any type of volume* people just don’t sell at bottoms in mass.

    I would gladly trade back my property investment/s for the coins I had even when it was 6k 😭
    No way I’m selling anymore in the next 10 年. (I’m old so after 10 years I will want to just enjoy life not worry about making money)

    They are pushing it so the Hedge funds will own the larger wallets outside of whales, miners and early adopters (which is not a large number of people in this whole space atm, so long-term hedge funds will own most of the new minting)… This let’s wall St then pump or dump when it’s a trillion or 2 trillion plus market

    The internet went from 0-5 trillion before a bubble pop and then it’s now a 40 trillion plus market.
    So if BTC was the 2017 bubble of the internet it’s at least a 10 若しくは 15 trillion cap in 20 年!🤞👏👏👏👏
    #HODLtheDoorHoDor !!

  12. “Only 5-10 bitcoins will change your life in 20 years.” lol, these high net worth individuals have no idea about the average person.

  13. First indication of BS when someone promises you something will happen 5 10 20 years from now..its called kicking the can

  14. My next door neighbour just passed away at 60. Life’s short. People should live for the now and take calculated risks. Bitcoin is one of them.

  15. Screw that, I’d rather just buy Silver….and leave BTC in the dust, just need to get rid of the riggers in all the markets then all will moonshot

  16. Ron Burgandy Nice but Clinton & Obama wealth would mean acquiring by unethically means at the expense of others. Not how normal , average , law abiding citizens would practice. Understanding where you are coming from. Those that have , have thousands of BTC. Those privileged enough to afford to acquire in the teens and hold a majority for 5 years will be amongst those that have versus the after the reset have nots. Class separation or distinction for the re evaluation of wealth.

  17. Ourdogseven 👍💪🤝😉💰Physical SILVER bullion in your possession, not paper is the way. Excuse the dollar for dollar, but Silver will X multiple times more than GOLD will after the storm subsides closing the 80 に 1 gap. Well done. Kudos to all silver stackers and for those with the foresight to accumulate some for the near future to establish retention of personal value. 💃🏼🕺🥂🎉4⭐️ out of 5 Only because a diversified portfolio is smart move as well.

  18. Jax Crypto Greed is good to a certain point before it consumes oneself. Whatever you feel comfortable with is what I will agree with. The individual. Your all good. Continue on your path. It is yours. Accomplish your personal goal and success is yours. Don’t worry about the other guy. You do you 😉🤝😎

  19. @Gerald Draper Jr they are as crooked as a vent nail. But my point was regarding money value, not politics.

    I could have said someone no one knows and it wouldn’t have made any sense 👍

  20. @Altcoin Daily thanks for the vids! これからもいい結果を出し続けてください!👍👍👏👏

  21. @Altcoin Daily Hello. How about quantum computers? Are they a threat to Bitcoin’s security?

  22. If you have half now, you should easily be able to set yourself up to get 2 若しくは 3 in the next bearmarket. If you cash out in time that is.

  23. Indeed, to me personally. 500k would already be lifechanging. Id invest in real estate in asia and just live a relaxed cheap life.

  24. It changes no one’s life if the mindset is sell now just to pay off debt. Just to then rack up more debt.

  25. crypto lite dont think this world and money or crypto will still be around in 1000 年. Perhaps a fossilized ledger in some museum 😂

  26. @Jannib Andelo Bayutas No. Quantum computing is nowhere near what people think it is. I see this question frequently and I wonder if people actually read or research their answers. This question is like asking if a fetus can drive a semi-truck and deliver the goods. Quantum computing currently has no affect and by the time it would, the software protocol (ビットコイン) would be upgraded to handle it.

  27. Lets discount that 5-10 bitcoins a bit because the dude who said it is an early adopter millionaire . Im in Asia, targeting 2-4 BTC is where most likely fall in terms of affordability

  28. @sh0cktim3 If you where very educated you would already be living for just short of free or even making money with house hacking, and if you have literally 0 money to invest then you should have 1-2 room mates and be paying at most $500/month rent…. there is so many ways out there to save money and live for super little, knowledge is power!

  29. @Dream4Pro sounds good. Like your a single man? but some people got kids and wives want to live differently than what you may want.

  30. @sh0cktim3 Regardless of your situation you can ALWAYS dramatically cut your expenses down to whatever degree your willing to sacrifice for, its not different with having a family, better yet its easier because you should be by far established and have a good income and 2 incomes at that and years of saving and knowledgeits all about what you want in life and making the changes/sacrifices…. What do you think 99% of people would would do right now if the gov doubled the tax rate.. guess what 99% of people would find a way to pay it by cutting back a bunch, treat investing like that and just automate your savings/investment account and decide to make a change and budget every last thing. THE RICH LIVE LIKE NO OTHER IN THE START SO THEY CAN LIVE LIKE NO OTHER IN THE END!

  31. Making it financially in life is not about what you want its the exact opposite you need to make a change to see a change

  32. NAh 100 grand really doesn’t change your life that much. Trust me I went from a broke heroin addict to multiple six figures in the last 8 年. Other than going from broke to lower middle class income which is a pretty big change, there is not very many meaningful changes on the way to 100k savings.


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