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The New Kids On The Blockchain take you on a tour of what’s happening in Crypto this week with latest headline news on Bitcoin, ライトコイン, Eos and more.

We review our four weeks checking out under the hood of 3Commas trading tools:

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We also interview Eyal, founder of Bancor and about a paradigm shift for content makers and their plan to disrupt the model. We also announce our own token:

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From U Today John Bollinger on Bitcoin Price Action: Positive Divergences Are Developing

According to trading legend John Bollinger, who’s famous for creating the Bollinger Bands indicator, the Bitcoin price could soon experience a major uptick.
In his recent tweet, Bollinger points out that Bitcoin and altcoins are caught in the Bollinger Band (BB) Squeeze. This unique trading setup takes place when an asset becomes less volatile.



From AMB Crypto Will Litecoin, XRP, ETH and others ever have an alt season like 2017? Data suggests that might be pipe dream

多分, nostalgia is what people holding altcoins are experiencing- the bygone times of 2017 bull run where altcoins pumped to the moon and beyond. Everything since then has ironically been an uphill battle. Altcoins are dead, より正確に, shitcoins are dead. Yet people still talk about an impending alt season and expect a repetition of 2017, even if it isn’t comparatively as huge.

Will Litecoin, XRP, ETH and others ever have an alt season like 2017? Data suggests that might be pipe dream


Tim Draper Joins Board Of Directors At EOS-Based DApp Firm

im Draper, a famous investor with an estimated crypto net worth ranging between $350 百万円、 $500 百万, has joined the board of directors of EOS-based decentralized application (DApp) firm MakeSense Labs.

In a news release on Sept. 9, Draper said: “I am excited to support this amazing application. Sense.Chat improves human connections by allowing private, seamless messaging and payments.”



NB. ここで共有すべての情報は情報だけのためのものであり、金融​​アドバイスの任意の種類と考えるべきではありません. 常に独自の研究を行います.

New Kids Token with / 3Commas Update / 暗号ニュース

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  5. poor ball and blockchain! ha …! great stuff on the trading, still blowing my mind a little and i’m a bit too nervous to get into it, but loving seeing what you guys are achieving. maybe one day!


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