New IRS Rules For Bitcoin And Crypto Holders. + SEC Rejects Bitwise ETF Proposal + Credits Shout-Out


I am not a tax expert. あなた自身の研究を行います. Use this video as a starting off point.

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IRS Cryptocurrency guidance answers some questions while raising messy new ones

A Duty to Answer: Six Basic Questions and Recommendations for the IRS on Crypto Taxes


SEC Rejects Bitwise’s Latest Bitcoin ETF Proposal

SEC Rejects Bitwise’s Latest Bitcoin ETF Proposal

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New IRS Rules For Bitcoin And Crypto Holders. + SEC Rejects Bitwise ETF Proposal + Credits Shout-Out

32 注釈

  1. Irs the biggest thief there is don’t no why Ya paying tax on something that is not printed Ya better look up Ya information on digital coins

  2. Tom Lee tax’s are used for inflation check at that point sadly. Or that is how it is justified. If they printed the amount every year they needed it would devalue our currency so fast 😂

  3. @Kyle Ganse faster as it is now?
    check the gold price after lifting the gold standard, the increase in price of the gold is in reality the decrease of the dollar compared to gold.

  4. Indeed, how is the IRS to know anything at all if your earnings weren’t reported to it?

  5. Thought the entire point was to get government here we go with the regulation..crypto will be dead if we go down this road

  6. Do your research. No where on earth is better. One thing or another is far worse than paying taxes. Already checked.

  7. @tigerpark135 there are literally at least 5 other nations that are better at several things lmao if we’re comparing individual aspects like freedom of speech then sure the US is at the top, medical care, 教育, poverty, and economic prosperity are beaten out by Luxembourg, スウェーデン, 等, the US doesn’t ever have a legitimate free market

  8. Taxing forks is like taxing someone that has buried treasure in their backyard that they never knew was there and have not even dug up out of the ground.

  9. There are better places to be, America has gone to hell! Thanks to our corrupt government! Does everyone know that they are bailing the banks out as we speak? 75 billion a day right now. It’s called quanitive easing no. 4

  10. @Chet Pomeroy They never know, only if you sell everything they will ask questions about the monney you suddenly have.

  11. I am having difficulty finding an accountant that knows how to do anything claiming crypto for tax filings in my area… 笑

  12. IRS incentivizing us to leave coins on the exchanges? Go Figure….They are the same mafia ya know

  13. I’ve lived in the USA my whole life but the last few years I’ve seriously considered moving to SE Asia or Eastern Europe. Between the constant war mongering andregime changeBS on the one hand, the ever burgeoning debt and IRS shenanigans on the other it’s becoming a place that scares me. I feel like our days here are numbered, as in we are on the verge of collapse like what happened to ancient Rome in the first millennium. Scary stuff.

    At any rate thanks for your updates guys. There’s only a handful of crypto dudes I pay attention to (Jim of All Trades, ChartGuys,DataDash,) and you guys.

    I love how you guys keep your vids short but succinct and chock full of useful stuff most of us don’t have the time or the desire to dig up ourselves. Thanks for your time.

  14. I stopped the video when you said: “the IRS has done some good things”. The reason why manymany crypto enthusiasts are in this space is because we understand how central banking workshow they have defrauded us with their corrupt fiat monetary policies….and the IRS is there to collect our labor by force as the strong arm to Central banksters. Fk the IRS hodl and don’t pay them sh.t


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