ボス暗号とCryptocurrencyを取引する方法を学びます! [デイトレード/市場分析]

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I've been taking this course for a couple months. 私はそれが好きです. They do provide value. This is a paid review of the course. You will get to see the back-end first hand. Happy to share it with you. 👍Let me know what you think.

Check them out here:

Cryptocurrency Trading Academy | Boss Crypto

You can get a 7-day free trial to test it out. (I get no kick-back from sign ups.)

When you sign up:
You get access to everything for $99 月額. Right now you get access to the first two courses + complete access to the slack, for the $99/mo fee. Then each month for the next 4 ヶ月, you get 1 extra course.

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ボス暗号とCryptocurrencyを取引する方法を学びます! [デイトレード/市場分析]




57 注釈

  1. More of a paid infomercial than a review. What are the negatives of this course?

  2. 博士. Ho Lee Phuk He said it was a paid review at the start of the video. Learn to listen maybe?

  3. +King Sean Practice what you preach kiddo. It’s quite clear you didn’t read my post before you commented.

  4. I guess that you pay $99 月…just have to weigh the cost vs valueI have not found any explicit negatives.

  5. +Altcoin Daily Ok I see. The video probably would’ve been more authentic if you’d mentioned the cost as a downside.

  6. Said whats up to you on the tone vays live stream. You must’ve been watching the live stream not reading the comments. Whats up!?….again

  7. The drastic price change in a few days from up to 4100 至るまで 3600 was another P&D. That’s all.

  8. I appreciate the review. I fee the downside is i dont like waiting a whole month just to get an extra course. Give it to me all at once. Im a fast learner and it’s not going to take me 6 Months to learn TA and charts. That’s just my 2 Satoshis *Lark Voice.

  9. I think the video was authentic. I showed you excerpts from his lessons, showed you the back-end… 最終的には, I showed you exactly what you would get and mentioned you could check it out for 7 days for free

  10. うん…I’m not expecting a bull run until the end of the year at this point (at the earliest). But year 2020/2021will be pivotal.

  11. I appreciate you being apart of this channel. You’ve been around for 5 年, eh? You have some war stories.

  12. +デイリーAltcoin
    Oh yeah, I’ve ridden this roller coaster a few times..
    The more educated you are, the less FUD you have about this technology..IMO
    You guys stay strong and I have no doubt you’ll be rewarded nicely!
    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  13. It looks good and full of great value.. But to be honest 99usd per month is expensive, especially for begginers and crypto total newbies

  14. I’ve been telling you guys for a while that the bottom is not in yet, and prices are headed much, much lower (and probably to zero for most alt-coins). You may find my comments annoying, but as a matter of fact I’m on your side. I’m the lone contrarian giving you some cold, hard truths while everyone else is still delusional.
    Get out while you can, or at least don’t put anymore of your hard earned money into this scheme!

  15. 感謝します! Refresh my memorywhat do you think is probable for the priceand why?

  16. ​+Altcoin Daily I’m a financial blogger from Israel (www.mavokal.com). You probably won’t be able to read my stuff since it’s in Hebrew, but on November 3rd (well before the crash from 6300) I have called for much lower prices, due to rising interest rates (which are leaving far less free cash in people’s pockets) and the diminishing volatility (which IMO represents investor fatigue, rather than some alleged “市場の成熟度”). The way I see it, the bubble hasn’t really popped yet. There still a lot of optimism out there, and therefore there is plenty more downside. I actually think we are going to see a 3-digit Bitcoin price again, そして 90% of alt-coins will go to zero.

  17. Hey Jasonthanks for the feedback. Right now we are actually working on packaging it all up for those that want to go through it faster! 🙂

  18. I completely agree, it is expensive. We make sure to deliver at least that much value each month, and that’s why we do the 7-day free trial. So you can stop in, say hi and figure out if we are the right fit for you 🙂

  19. +Mikey T I agree. Day trading sucks and it’s dangerous. Tried it early of ’17, lost most of my BTC. Hodling is still safer. 今のところ.

  20. ワオ $100 is a lot of money. You should have shown a screenshot of your history with the start date. I hate paid reviews thanks for saying up front that it was paid tho I can respect that if you want full disclosure tell the amount you receive for your reviews. Also really I need to be a subscriber for months to get full access. You don’t seem very enthusiastic about this particular video either witch also makes me feel it’s all for the money. I’ve herd how you talk about the things you believe in theres a lot more energy. You laughed at their mission statement to like it was your first time reading it. I enjoy your daily market news updates.

  21. I haven’t watched your whole video yet, but I have one question. Does this teacher actually show his trades to show his profit? I feel like that’s an absolute must for anybody trying to sell a course, and if they’re not showing their own trades and profits then I can’t get behind them.

  22. The lessons are pre recorded. But you can engage with him in the slack channel.

  23. 感謝します. My goal isn’t necessarily to approach each video with enthusiasm. I just try to be myself and provide value. And yesI did this sponsored video for the money. I do like the company though. I think they provide value. just calling it like I see it.

  24. +Altcoin Daily No, I’m not. And to be honest I never were. I watched it rise from nothing to 20K with complete disbelief, because I never thought its fundamentals were strong, and I still contend that it is mostly a speculative bubble. 更に, if there is any future for blockchain technology as a whole, I believe it will seized by the governments of the world and used nefariously in order to create super-fiat currencies which track their users and keep a record of any transaction they make (a great way to eliminate tax evasion). Inadvertently, the developers of Bitcoin may be ushering in an age of tyranny and government control the likes of which we have never seen. In that case, Bitcoin will be nothing more than the Betamax of video, or the Myspace of social networks, outlawed and relegated to the dustbin of history.

  25. NEVER pay to learn how to trade, nothing new to learn or know about trading that hasnt been done for over a hundred years, just look up trend following on how it’s best done, use MINIMAL indicators, the trick is in how you manage risk

  26. 良い仕事を続けてください. I am not a day trader but I can listen and try learn something or just wait for the next video. I also like getting paid for what I do. Thanks for the disclaimer and the button that lets people skip the video if they don’t want to listen.

  27. If you are being compensated for this reviewwhich I assumepaid reviewimpliesyour credibility suffers a lot, although I give you credit for being honest about it.

  28. Did you use this service before they reached out for advertising? Altcoin daily is the only crypto channel I subscribe to because you normally bring a pretty straight forward account of the news while disclosing when you do hold specific coins. I appreciate you trying to be honest and I realize you have to make money too I’d probably do the same thing if I had a channel. I stopped watching on my brave browsers too fyi chrome only until we can both be paid for ads.

  29. Trading with Kaselbtc.com has been extremely good. Good interest and capital withdrawals too


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