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Dear Roger Bryan から CryptoCurrency

IRS Says It’s Sending Warning Letters to US Cryptocurrency Owners

IRS Says It’s Sending Warning Letters to US Cryptocurrency Owners

Huawei CEO Calls on China to Create a Rival to Facebook’s Libra Crypto

Too Sick for Buffett Lunch, Justin Sun Attends Tron Influencer Party in SF

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リークされました: ビットコインホルダーへの米国政府のメッセージ | I Spoke w/ Tron's Justin Sun




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  1. The IRS are the real criminals. Income tax is against the constitution. Overcoming taxation without representation is one of the main theoretical benefits of decentralized currency. 共有するためのおかげで.

  2. Im old enough to remember how the record industry and the govt were trying to stop or prosecute ppl who downloaded or shared music files. Let me tell you how that went. They couldnt do a goddam thing about and id be surprised if more then a handful of ppl were ever tried to make an example of. The record labels and gov lost big time. Its a losing battle for them. Dont kid yourself or buy into the fear theyre selling. Bitcoin and other decentralized systems will overtake big industries and govts. Its what ppl want and its where improved tech will take us. Rejoice. Be happy. Things arent perfect and never will b but things r gettng better for those who want freedom from centralized powers of control. For those who are weak and like being controlled, dont wrry u can still give up your power, just dont think for a sec that ull have us enslaved with u. Freedom


  4. Taxation is theft under the threat of deadly force. Is it even possible to exist sovereign? Bribes in other countries are cheaper than taxes in the US.

  5. I think this is a very grey area, Nobody knows how to calculate the correct income to be taxed. I think the fair think is when the crypto is converted (taken out as fiat) to fiat currency what is the official money of any given country, viewed as Profit or Loss.

  6. BTC, XRP, xlm, 有る, iota, 獣医, EOS, ダッシュ
    May the alt season begin😎 All the best everyone!

  7. If you live in the USA and are targeted by the IRS, I highly suggest a few legal strategy to decrease your potential tax bill. Sell your losses and buy back. Capital gain will be deducted by your losses as well. The transaction fee is a fairly lowtaxto pay compared to the IRS. Second one, consider incorporating or creating a family trust holding the crypto. そうすることによって, you are not the actual owner but the owner by proxy. Please consider going to a CPA for full services and state by state regulations . This is not an enticement to fraud the IRS but rather general information about the tax code.

  8. Once decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps go live, the irs won’t be able to do a thing.

  9. President of the United States said Crypto is not a currency it’s just thin air. You can’t pay taxes on thin air.

  10. They are determined to enforce the law? Then I expect to see at least half of Washington DC in jail by the end of the month.

  11. Ok so they wanna tax. Why doesn’t the gov go after all the back taxes on purchases made on amazon that they never collected.

  12. Christopher Hansen Canada is taxed higher than all the statesand have a government that funnels money to terrorists, kinda hard pill to swallow I make 100k and feel like I barely get by in a small rural home. After gas tax which is crazy I can’t keep up the excat amount. and goods and services tax 15 percent on everything I buy plus federal and provincial taxes I suspect I keep 25 に 30 千. まで 53 percent can come off income alone. Kinda curious how it breaks down in the states. それから 40 percent on half ur capital gains.

  13. iota, 有る, 獣医, ダッシュ, 通貨, icon, Substratum and Neo are my favorites for altcoin season….;)

  14. @DRAGONUZY12 they are just copies of some coins already exists, copies of something useless, pure garbage speculative assests

  15. Lysander Spooner was right on point in his bookNatural Law”. “Thus substantially all the legislation of the world has had its origin in the desires of one class of persons to plunder and enslave others, and hold them as property.

  16. Adam Hubbard Did you know that after the Civil War the US govt raised the income tax to 2% to help make up the losses from the war. 2%!!!!

  17. @CandyCandy You have to understand, the world will evolve and change. Those families do rule the world and they have for a long time. But understand this, they won’t forever! The crypto world is very complicated and things are changing fast. There won’t just be one option out there anymore, you will have your centralized cryptos (政府) and decentralized ones. You choose which one you will manage your money with!

  18. Government wants to make sure it is getting your money. Just wait until property tax every year extends to your home goods like TVs and furniture.

  19. Just like the porn industry. They tried to suppress porn on the internet look how it backfired. Because at the end of the day once people find a use for it they will use it

  20. @mick J, I highly doubt that. Why would all of the big retail investors sell their losses in the week leading up to dec 31st? And buy back in January? To my knowledge, your losses offset your gains and can even be used in later years if you have more losses than gains. Then again, I’m Canadian..

  21. paid taxes on huge gains in 017, took losses on sizable losses in 018. Not being a professional trader or even knowing much about profit/loss taxable trades, I found out that all gains whether real or unrealized are taxable to infinity. But you can only claim a maximum $3000 per year loss on these same trades. Imagine that! This new asset class baffles even the most astute accountant. The IRS is looking for at least a good faith effort to pay the taxes on any gains.

  22. @Conscious Crypto I say HELL YAH!! if they can come at us for taxes on gains then why not losses.

  23. @Ron Mann My friend is a professional gambler and is ALWAYS posting his chip stack and results on social media for tax reasons. Keep your logs tight and orderly crypto family. A tax service that tracks your crypto tx’s would be outstanding.

  24. Most of the people who buy Btc buy it with money that has been already taxed. So getting double tapped is BSPeople who buy it as a personal investment should not be taxed.. Here in Europe I’m sure they’ll follow suit once ATH come back around.

  25. @Hawk Eire But when people exchange their crypto at a higher fiat value, should they be taxed on the profit (earned income ) ?

  26. Sterling King well if that’s the case if you funnel half of it into your crypto account and get a legal business going you can claim any crypto losses as business loss so it reduces your taxable income. If you make capital gains they have no way to know exactly how much you made 😉

  27. truth seeker the funny part is that I was on the record label side and I can tell you that we purposely leaked tracks and acted like we were appalled afterwards. It’s all PR

  28. There is no law US FEDERAL LAW that states we have to pay them Taxes. Look it up. Second buying Crypto is no different than buying clothes online with no sales tax.

  29. @OC-Frugal Dad I understand where your going with that. I feel maybe they should cap it. If you earn x amount on btc then yeah pay tax. But not getting hit for every transaction back to fiat.. Anyway when people covert back to fiat they proberly using that money to buy stuff which of course you pay taxes again so the Gov will still get there moneyI still think if its a personal investment you should not be taxed.

  30. @Hawk Eire As you said it should be capped. I believe that it is reasonable for a government to say, if your profits (earned income) from crypto trading is x amount, then we take y% of that. If its below x amount, we don’t take anything from you.

  31. Crypto is so volatile from one minute to the next the only real way to properly pay tax is when it’s converted back to your local currency. And in all honesty it can be highly manipulated because there’s no wash trading rules. You can constantly sell for a loss as btc falls eventhough you end up with the same amount.


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