Is VeChain Thor set to dominate Blockchain? VEN rebrands to VET, Partners with BMW!


VeChain set to dominate Blockchain? VEN rebrands to VET, Partners with BMW!

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Is VeChain Thor set to dominate Blockchain? VEN rebrands to VET, Partners with BMW!

27 注釈

  1. Kind of a stupid re-brand-name. Adding a superhero name to the end of your business’s name doesn’t make anything better, you never know it could go down because less people would take them seriously. Then again all crypto this year will most likely be way higher price by the end of the yr. wonder what people would think if bitcoin changed its name to bitcoin Spider-Man lolz

  2. what’s with re-branding? Vechain is good enough for a name lol but partnership with BMW is going to be huge. I hope this project is true

  3. I would have much preferred they made a clean break and drop VeChain and just went with THOR

  4. ただ、FUD! But instead of making the FUD worse we make it better, giving you the info and analysis that lets you see through the FUD and take advantage of market opportunities. Thanks for watching 🙂

  5. Bro, excellent analysis! I am very impressed. You certainly nailed it on the head. This is going to be a massive project for the next few years and a lot of people are going to be very happy they got in and stayed in.

  6. ありがとうございました! I appreciate you watching and your kind words. This project will Be global and crazy it seem 🚀

  7. basically all airdrops are scams look at their twitters that have verified check to look for real airdrops.

  8. they colab with blockport (decentralized exchange) … it will be released in couple of months.
    WHY IS ARK GOOD”” ????????? because its a team from all over the world and not just some chinese citizens

  9. Super Natural I’m an American and a millennial. I graduated top of my class at Stanford. I am repulsed by your prejudice. はっきり, you have the intellect of a lab monkey making that generalization. Enjoy the remainder of your day

  10. It’s so funny that people with 0 technical knowledge promotes stuff,.. and some people actually feel they’re actually learning something

  11. If you have any technical information to add I’m sure the channel’s community would love to know about it!

  12. I don’t understand why u calling your channel fud tv bro. Your video’s are good and most of your news are true. Nice job


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