Is Tron set to dominate social media cryptos? TRX partners Gifto, Uplive, oBike, OCN, もっと!


Tron TRX is aiming to dominate the social media value exchange game, and has already carved out an amazing ecosystem of partnership to achieve this goal.

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Is Tron set to dominate social media cryptos? TRX partners Gifto, Uplive, oBike, OCN, もっと!

50 注釈

  1. This is one of the most level-headed overviews of Tron I’ve seen. Pretty much what I think of it. Sometimes patience pays off.

  2. Are youCrypto Zombie’sbrother? J/K Great video man. I hear you about going back and forth on TRX but I’ve hodled through. It seems like Justin Sun is really putting together a huge project and it’s worth the risk to hold onto it. Thanks for your hard work on this video!

  3. ありがとうございました!! It’s hard to keep one’s head on straight at times in these volatile markets. But that’s why we have communal discussionsso we can share info and hopefully help other people deal with the FUD!

  4. woooohooo you gonna be feeling very comfy in that hot tub lambo on the moon 🚀 haha but seriously I want a million TRX =P

  5. The Pledge of Allegiance three years from now………….”one nation under Tron, indivisible “………… ハハハ. TRX seems like more of a beast everyday!

  6. Once 50c (most likely going to happen this year) ur a millionaire…. congrats bro!

  7. he has to wait until the large ones have their run than the ico coins will bloom

  8. 💎 I saw *Forty Seven* is listed on *ICORating* as one of the most promising *ICO projects* in February, is it right? 💎

  9. refreshing….. wholly and entirely sick of lame youtubers BLAH BLAHING viewers into oblivion just for their sake of getting views, keep up the meaningful content!!

  10. impossibleyou would need around $800 billion to come into the market, the missing $400 billion then ANOTHER $400 billion with a majority of that going to trx, that isn’t happening.

  11. 50c is totally realistic in 2018, it would only need a market cap of about 32 十億 (10 billion less than Ripple currently)

    We should see another 500 億へ 700 billion or even more come into the crypto market in 2018

    (we would only need 30 billion going to Tron, not 400 Billion as stated by Blanco, who has obviously misread your price)

  12. I’m so hyped for tron. The bike sharing market is really huge. This definitely justifies the multi billion cap for tron. Bikes on the blockchain is such a good use case.

  13. Market cap isn’t realthere isn’t actually 500 billion of fiat in crypto. That’s just the last price each coin was bought for multiplied by the supply. Any coin could explode in price when you see it this way

  14. Yeah we actually have a whole Tron line of shirts that we are designing! Stay tuned 🙂 multiple members of the FUD team were designers before, so we will alway keep making cool stuff for the community 😎🚀 Tron gear is guaranteed tho!

  15. 100% he did, and tons from Alibaba. As long as he gets the tech up and running (shouldn’t be hard given how everything is open source) we are gonna be happy campers!

  16. Christof Comyn maybe we’ll see a 3 若しくは 4 dollar spike like ripple by end of year. That would be so dank.

  17. One of the best Tron videos I have watched yet! So many ignorant noobs complaining about the price dips and Tron hasn’t even released their product yet. Only a fool would sell their TRX now. It hasn’t even begun yet. If it can go to 30 cents without even having a fully functional product, just imagine where it’s gonna go once it is fully operational!! 🚀 🚀 😊

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  19. Asia is a very very big market. It is enough for something to work and become popular there. That`s equal big money in this case.


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