With the market droppingis now a good time to invest? Let me tell you how I would spend $1000 if I was new to the crypto space today and I had never invested before.

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***NOT financial advice. Just entertainment. あなた自身の研究を行います.

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  1. This felt like a coach talking to his fighter prepping for battle. I loved this bro. We need these vids during these times. ありがとうございました!

  2. Nice one! Great motivational speech the first 5 分. A lot of rookies or weak hands needed it. I have been buying the dip over the last 7 ヶ月, I did not bring me gains yet. But I am sure we will get there in a few years. I also really like XLM (great partnerships and working product, カルダーノ (Charles Hoskinson is great!) and Vechain (I have a job in supply chain management). Not sure about NULLS, I like EOS more since it is super fast, free and user-friendly. Going to invest a little more now, cheers!

  3. Buy Vechain , transfer to Vechain mobile wallet. Open the wallet in Christmas 2020 for a 10x gain.

  4. You real big on Vechain now, huh? Where do you see it by the end of 2019? What price?

  5. Witch wallet app you using for vechain. Vechainthor or vechain Pro I also need to get in on that action.

  6. Thank you I am buying more !!! Every day I have my eyes on the long term real world mass adoption or what these technology can provide for our real physical world in the near future guys don’t look at numbers look into what these technology can provide for worldwide progression

  7. I am only 19 and have thousands in the crypto space waiting with Patience to see where the market could be in 7+ years and maybe even retire by 25-30

  8. I like that you brought up cardano so much growth potential from the progression of the roadmap which probably will unfold into a bull market by then and possibly a coinbase listing maybe some time after the 1.4 update I’m guessing, hoping. If I was a new comer, I’d go btc & ada 60/40 若しくは 50/50 high market cap strong fundamental picks only, smaller spread with more reward, more bang for your investment with just 2. Vechain is tempting and maybe is a really good pick, worth looking into

  9. I’ve gathered my very close friends and immediate family members finally cuz I’ve hammered down to wats happening. I sent them videos, I talked facts of institutional money coming in just basically waiting for the last manipulation move until the bull run takes off. わかります, you understand, y’all Understand the magnitude of wats about to happen. It’s around the corner. Letgs all get cold storage wallets and wait and let’s talk late 2019 😁

  10. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and you wont be fretting during the down times.

  11. Altcoin Daily best believe I sent them some of your videos lol. They saw I’m obsessed with it so they wanted to understand my brain wave and my peoples are adapting 😊 I’m very excited!

  12. Loool, a newbie thinks making money is easy and he is excited and dreaming he is very close to loose his all of his money in 2019.

  13. 私に: “MUMMY! Why is this youtube man screaming at me?”
    Also Me: *accumulates*

  14. Liking Vechain and their use case. Bullish on Stellar and Xrp also. Trying also to maintain a healthy position on Bitcoin. Not getting side tracked by the panic. Taking the long view. Cyrpto just an exciting part of my retirement plan. Gr8 videos AD.

  15. Use ledger wallet if you plan on holding that long. I’m a long holder in vechain as well

  16. I totally agree with you here. Everyone was crying in the bullrunAh man i didnt get into xrp at .2, man i didnt get in tron at this, why didnt i bought LTCand now what. THERE IS THE CHANCE. Its literally in front of us. And what are people doing. Waiting and not investing. At the next bullrun people will complain again. People will again go forthe next xrp or tron or whatever coin gets pumpedBut why not just invest now in those coins we truly belive in.

  17. Altcoin Daily lol! Yes Dent is now in over 200 countries and have partnered with over 400 telcos including AT&T and Verison here in the US. Since the roll out of their product they now have 3.5 万人のユーザー, goal is 6 million by end of 2018.
    They have released the beta of their ETHScanr app.
    They were added to Binance and is on Kucoin.
    They are going to launch a Dent exchange to allow trading of Dent against select cryptos.
    Future integration of telcos onto their proven plateform when they decide that want to do offer the data packages themselves.
    This is all from 9 months and much much more!
    ATH is 10 cents now at .0022 makes it a great buy.

  18. Remember you can’t lose anything if you don’t sell hodl and buy when you can there is a lot of great things going on take the time and learn about what their doing. Thank you for the videos good job brother

  19. Market cap has stabilized again! Get ready for another short squeeeeeze…..Looking forward to Litecoin being added to Gemini Exchange (Winklevoss twins sponsoring upcoming Litecoin Summit)

  20. Institutions have spent BILLIONS on infrastructure. You are spot on and it is just a matter of time. I love the hater comments!! 笑

  21. It’s madness the way people invest, they wait till others buy at the top thinking it will continue, some bought Bitcoin at 20k, sold at 10k, that’s not investing, its stupidity, buy the dips, buy low sell high not the other way around, that’s the smart way.

  22. I’m mostly holding the same things as you, except that ADA is a little too far out for me and NULS I’ve never heard enough about to consider. The 3rd gen crypto I like, which is used more as a currency IRL, not a platform, is NANO. I’d do the same $1k portfolio as you but put NANO where you have NULS and STEEM where you have ADA (as in exact opposite fromin use widely now” に “a great peer reviewed dream”). Great video.

  23. Bear market will be ending soon……the recent lows are slightly higher as time has gone by which is a solid sign of reversal. not to mention that Sept. – DEc. have always been the best months to own BTC. Q4 will start OCT. 1 and a ton of new hedge funds will be putting money to work starting then.

  24. If you are into stellar and ripple look into Omisego they are doing what both are doing and then some with a much smaller marketcap

  25. I have put probably 25k into Omisego. The project is a monster and will be the payment gateway around the world

  26. +evodude919 .Thanks only if I can keep my current morals. Just hoping to lift a few family and friends with me. 乾杯. 😊

  27. You tell me where the low is?
    And tell me where the high is,
    if it was that simple we’d all be rolling in it.
    It’s so easy to say that in hindsight

  28. Yes my friend bought into bitcoin but at least profited 50k so he did well but he knew when to put his money in and he thinks long term future he buys and sits on it . He said buy what you can afford and that it won’t hurt ur living status I even said people spend $100 plus just for a night out of fun . Imagine putting that $100 bucks and have a chance of hitting BIG. I say invest I could afford to loose $100 bucks people spend that on dumb unnecessary things . 9 months ago bitcoin if you would of put 10k you would of had 100,000,000.00 like sheesh ! We are in a bearish market right now can’t wait for the bull ima just keep my positions and let it sit and see what happens again put what I am okay with that it isn’t affecting my finances at home etc. You never know right 📶📶📶📉📈📊🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  29. +Nathan lambardi just let me know what’s the best place to contact you!?? No crypto school ,but minning sounds way better to use that office space in a good way 😅😀

  30. What i would do with $1000 is quite interesting and may prove helpful to others in the crypto space. I dont believe in holding coins so i would simply trade short with an expert like Daniel Plemons. When i first met him, i had lost quite a lot to bitcoin from the bear market and was about giving up crypto completely. What he did for me is give me daily signals and trade patterns for a whole month and with $5,000 in BTC, i made over $35,000. i truly do not regret meeting him and you also can reach him on *plemonsdani@gmail or Telegram (+1 631 992 9473)*


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