Is Institutional Money REALLY Coming into Bitcoin and Crypto?? THE TRUTH [Audio Footage]


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Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity

First interview with Craig Wright after judge orders him to pay $5 billion in bitcoin

Judge Recommends Ruling in Favor of Kleiman in Craig Wright Case

Judge Recommends Ruling in Favor of Kleiman in Craig Wright Case

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Is Institutional Money REALLY Coming into Bitcoin and Crypto?? THE TRUTH [Audio Footage]

55 注釈

  1. I don’t mind he to dump. It will shake out ponzi projects which asked people to use fiat to buy crypto and deposited into their e-wallet and earn crypto to trade sell back to fiat.
    On the other hand it will boost altcoins that have strengthen with USDT at some point. Either way it doesn’t matter for long term player.

  2. Y’all do realize that this farce with Craig Wright is an experiment in confiscation of unconfiscatable assets?

  3. You said Ira may have to dump 2 million dollars which isn’t that much, but the article said 2 billion BTC, but I think they meant 2 billion dollars. Mixing up millions/billions and dollars/BTC is significant. Let’s get the number of zeros and units right.

  4. based on the model. In the podcast tho he suspects that to happen shortly after the next havening 👍

  5. Always love your opinions, also both a couple of hot guys, from the street reveal, but i knew that!!

  6. @Altcoin Daily keep up the great work! wont be easy but will be worth it in 3 years 😀

  7. I am Dutch and plan B sounds Dutch. We call it steenkolen-engels . Dont know him but just saying.

  8. Nothing Wright says has any value to it so why give him attention, he is a proven forger and deceiver and nothing he says can be classed as truthful.

  9. Setting American court and tax precedent on bitcoin and therefore somehow big gov will use that against bitcoin freedom

  10. I’ve no doubts whatsoever that before these so called institutional investors go full bull there’s going to be some MASSIVE downside action in a final push to shake out weak hands and buy up BTC and alts at bottom of the barrel prices.

    There’s no doubt in my mind BTC will rock and roll to the upside at sometime between late Q4 to the halvening. Until then be prepared for ashock and awestyle bear armageddon at least once last time. Just a hunch.

    I’m trying to mentally prepare for it. I hope I’m wrong about the downside but not holding my breath.

  11. @The Hatezone Not selling until we reach the GOLD Market Cap, which would put BTC at 400k+, even if its gonna take a decade.


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