Is GTO Gifto up nearly 100% in a day? Is virtual gifting the future of crypto?


Gifto is an extremely promising crypto hoping to disrupt the world of virtual gifting, made popular by the advent of livestreaming apps. Is this the future of crypto?

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Is GTO Gifto up nearly 100% in a day? Is virtual gifting the future of crypto?

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  1. The starting point Uplive has obviously been created for an Asian market, so the gifts, the gamification is very oriented for the local culture. I understand for most Westerners the concept is not obvious at first sight. But keep in mind this is the starting point (the proof of concept if you like) the GIFTO protocol is meant to be universal which means can be applied to Facebook / Youtube / Intagram & Other applications that will be tailored for different markets and regions. ultimately content creators / influencers with the help of gift creators and curators will shape the use of GIFTO to get rewarded for what they can offer to their user / fan base. Also GIFTO could potentially become a digital version of any physical product or service that could be redeemed in store or directly shipped to your house. Lots of potential if you have some imagination.


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