With Ethereum's recent fall from grace I wanted to analyze the pros and cons or Ethereum in the cryptocurrency space.
What is going on with Ethereum? Is Ethereum dead? Should you buy? Could Ether see some big gains in the future? Or is Ethereum dead in the water?
Let's talk about it.
以下のような. 申し込む.
**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Use my channel as a starting off point.
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  1. Yeah for sure! Off the top of my head I’m very bullish on Neo (High Cap), カルダーノ (High Cap), Nuls (Low Cap).

  2. Do a video about top low mc undervalued coins for next bull run, my personal opinion these are great projects still under radar: MyBit, OriginTrail, Banyan Network, Neumark, Adbank, ブロックポート, Hacken

  3. よし. I have done some deep dives videos on low cap coins that I really like. I like OriginTrail.

  4. All the competition has major flaws though.
    Eos has infinite inflation and sketchy leadership. Neo is partly centralized. Cardano is years away.

  5. Hey guys invest in PoWH3D! If you have some ETH left invest it before this project goes mainstream and youtuber get into it!

    I bought in for 1.55 ETH not even a day ago and already made 0.45 ETH net profit + the P3D token also go up every hour (it did x2 the last 6 days while the whole market is red!)

    Go to the homepage and read how it works, if you have questions join our discord server and ask. It’s a pyramid scheme all managed by a smart contract, so there are no people behind this that manage the incoming money! The smart contract is open source! Read it and you will see why this works out!

    Here the link:

    thank me later 🙂

  6. グレートビデオの男…
    Very Honest….
    It is the last Black Friday for crypto for this year….
    I believe market cap around 220 billions in the next few days
    Wil be the best time to invest.. so many good crypto and so little fiat to invest…. I wish I had more fiat..
    Respect from Macedonia

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  8. It really isnt. People need to check it out lol….look very deeply its brilliant!

  9. That’s smart. That’s why I’ve been trying to do more video’s on high cap coins recently.

  10. i dont even care if ethereum drops anymore as long as multicoinbank is still active and they still pay me double of my ethereum i invest after 7 日々, i know i will be so rich before the end of 2018. i know how much i have gotten as profit from multicoinbank with 2 months that i have been investing with them and i will keep investing till i have the most ethereum in the world

  11. i think we have same thought on this. i also started investing on multicoinbank 4 weeks ago. i have earned over 23ETH within that period. i recently invested 15ETH and i am very certain i am getting 30ETH in 2 days time.

  12. i have once been introduced to multicoinbank too but i was really scared about the realness but with this i think i’m going to try with 5ETH then if im also paid double after 7days then i will invest more. what is the website of multicoinbank?


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