Is Bitcoin Price Heading for a Bearish Breakout?? Facebook Announcement! LTC Update! [暗号ニュース]


ちょっとAltcoinデイリーチーム! Today we talk about the Bitcoin Price!

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Facebook Makes First Blockchain Acquisition With Chainspace

ライトコイン [LTC]: Charlie Lee announces exploration of MimbleWimble to implement Confidential Transactions

BTT Token Tweet

SEC Tweet

Government Death Certificate Says QuadrigaCX CEO Died in India

Government Death Certificate Says QuadrigaCX CEO Died in India


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Is Bitcoin Price Heading for a Bearish Breakout?? Facebook Announcement! LTC Update! [暗号ニュース]

53 注釈

  1. What will bitcoin do, when everyone thinks it’s going down?

    Right, the other wayBTC will going up 😉

  2. +Altcoin Daily ah will buy moreGuys you are all Rekt. I think it’s time for me to get moreNd you should too

  3. 同意する, i think we will trade sideway up untill may, then from there we will slowly starts rising again.

  4. Do you want to know why mimble wimble is probably a good investment? Because it’s a crazy sounding name that in hindsight people will wonder how it ever survived with a name like that.

  5. Check out Mr. Kristof’s last video.
    Over the counter market was big in 2018! What would the price be if this was in the calculation?

  6. Altcoin Daily am early night lolCKJ after dark is 2.30am in the UK so early to bedwake upsee the stream and back to sleep for work x

  7. The Pig brings money 🙂 is going to dropso what.. the more it drops the bigger the raise

  8. Thanks for another good vid. So true about manipulation. Look at the metals market..

  9. ありがとうございました, 非常に有益, To me Bitcoin Not going Away, it staying at whap capacity!! Catch you on the Next one.

  10. 私はそれが好きです. Not invested, but it is on my radar and I like what I’ve heard.

  11. Ahh nice. We prefer to keep all communication here so everyone can learn from each other. But appreciate you taking the time, Dan 👍🏼


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