まず第一に, thank you all for checking in with our channel every day. I appreciate when you comment and provide insight. Helps build a community!

Here at Altcoin Daily, we like to keep you current. So today, I'm going to look at some of our favorite altcoins and do a "roadmap check-in" We'll be highlighting some of the wins and fails while we look at crypto companies like Verge, パワー元帳, Poet, ライトコイン, カルダーノ, Nuls, Qlink, and Neo.

Please comment with other crypto's that are staying on track with their roadmap.


**Just my opinion. Not financial advice. Do more research and make your own decisions.

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23 注釈

  1. I wanna hear about your favorite coins! Comment your other crypto picks that are staying on track with their roadmap.

  2. Great video!
    I’M sticking with the top 10 mostly.
    They’re there for a reason.
    As far as Verge goes.
    I think the ghost of Howard Hughes has come back

  3. Appreciate that filip! Yeah a lot of projects I had to leave out. I’ll put them in a future video!

  4. デイリーAltcoin
    You can probably make 20 videos
    Im so happy we are in crypto at this time were we can see the revolution ..
    Im sad i dont have more fiat to invest….


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