Cryptocurrency Roadmap Check In – 層 | UTrust | トロン


Today we go over the cryptocurrency calendar, and I share with you some of the most valuable crypto news.

We talk about the Stratis ICO platform launch, Gluon ICO, Utrust mvp merchandise, and tron main net launch. All upcoming events to watch out for.
Let's get into it.

以下のような. 申し込む.

**Not Financial Advice. Just opinion.

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Cryptocurrency Roadmap Check In – 層 | UTrust | トロン

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  1. ビデオをありがとう, I really appreciate your work. Nice video review about Tron and I’m hoping to see some review on privacy coins also. Do you own some? What are your thoughts on them? There are few good like Monero and DeepOnion, what do you think?

  2. Hi Annarion, You definetely know how to pick your coins. I made 130X on Tron at ATH, but didn’t sell and still hodling since I see a lot more potential. Same goes for DeepOnion. I could have sold at ATH and take X10 profits from my investment. But I didn’t sell any. I might sell my first 10% at 100X / $200. Currently $Onion is still dirt cheap and I’m in accumulation mode. Strong hands that invest in world changing projects will win the crypto game in the end.

  3. Another great video excellent content efficiently delivered ! I’m gonna start referring to you guys asThe A TeamCause your killing it

  4. I’m really impressed with you! Every statement is on point. トロン, I’ve had it before and sold luckily before the big market crash. With this review I’m considering buying it again. I’m wondering do you invest in ICO’s? I’ve noticed one that’s very interesting. Since I’m passionate traveler I find Smart Trip Platform as my next big investment. What do you think about that?

  5. ちょっとオースティン, thanks for the video. I had heard of stratus before but didn’t look into it. Thanks for that info. UTRUST seems cool, and I really like the idea of the proceeds going toMake a WishThat is so cool. TRON will always have a special place in my portfolio. haha I bought it and Ripple as my first coins back in late December, and hold a decent amount. oh wait you are a Cavs fan?? time to take back my like and unsubscribeLOL kidding man. I grew up in San Jose, so Warriors fan all the way.

  6. Yeah but you can take a look into them and maybe make some review about them? Not all your subsribers are from USA or China. Hopefully you will take a look into it. 乾杯. 🙂

  7. While you are waiting for his research to make new video on DeepOnion, I want to share you my thought @AnnarioN. DeepOnion is among the great privacy I have ever invested in. 私のために, Monero is 1st, and DeepOnion is 2nd. Monero is way more value than DeepOnion at the moment. That is why I put it on the first place. しかしながら, I think DeepOnion is a nice alternative for anyone who does not have a lot to put on a coin. DeepOnion is for them. It is still undervalued, but I believe situation will change soon by the end of 2018. Its transaction free is lower. It supports light, mobile wallet; IP Address hidden whilst Monero does not. You should check it out man.


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