Coinbase Adds 0x! Electroneum Update! Official Olympic Cryptocurrency in 2020? [ビットコインのニュース]

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Coinbase Adds First Ethereum Token to Professional Trading Platform

Coinbase Adds First Ethereum Token to Professional Trading Platform

ザ・ 2020 Olympic Might Use a Crypto Coin as its Official Currency


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Coinbase Adds 0x! Electroneum Update! Official Olympic Cryptocurrency in 2020? [ビットコインのニュース]



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  1. I stopped watching your channel because i found it weird that you guys did not discuss ETN with all the progress they are making. Right now ETN is the best alt coin with an actual functioning product. I understand they went through some hard times in development, but maybe you should make a clip of all the coins that were released and didn’t run into development issues. The fact that only 1 year later they have made all this progress, enough that you actually have to bring them up and still you seem shaky on how much of an impact this coin can have. Granted if you are looking to only make money and pump and dump then the price will def be a disappointment, but i didn’t think that is what your channel was all about. I’m definitely interested in unbiased research based information in my viewing. With that being said i wish you guys the best i have learned a lot about other coins in viewing your channel, thanks for that.

  2. So in your opinion, a rally from 77satoshi to 400 then a correction to 300satoshi. And now steady at 340 t0 370 is not a big deal???? Come on!! Not to mention that ETN moved from 118 position to 43 in the coinmarket cap in 2weeks. TELL U WHAT….ITS A VERY BIG DEAL. AND U AINT SEEN NOTHING YET..cheer!!! Love your channel 👍✌

  3. I hold ETN but they are definitely not the only crypto with working product. I think xrp has a better chance.

  4. I just got back into the market. I forgot about the XLM wallet I had from when they were simply given out for signing up and completing tasks so I ended up with a funded account I use for day trading now.

    うまくいけば、, we see ETN added to Binance soon if they are starting partnerships and work on compliance standards for global adoption.

  5. It’s a race in my portfolio between DGB, TRX, & ETN! Holding & accumulating all 3!

  6. Electroneum will be HUGE!!! Mass adoption is coming. Its only just begun. Nice video 🙂

  7. Sounds like your review of ETN is tainted by some negative experience with some members , hey bud no need to be so hard on ETN its only answering its critics !

  8. Won’t liquid and lightening network with segwit, ZK Snarks and the like on NTC nail the coffin shut on most of these altcoins eventually?

  9. Etn is of true value because of the project. But the price of etn can easily go back down if Bitcoin breaks the 6k support. But if Bitcoin bottoms then recovers. Etn will come back stronger than ever. But btc still affects all coins price no matter how good the project is

  10. The news of kyc did not affect price much. But the affect of instant payments definitely helped its massive run from 75 sats to 410 sats. That run was just as massive as the run during holiday season, without Bitcoin being in a bubble

  11. its mobile mining simulation, but still you get your ETN’s for that! Of course mining isnt possible on mobile.. but as long as you get real coins for it, to your walletits ok

  12. You noobs don’t do research, 73% of the hash power is controlled by one group called F2 pool in China, thats why it had two 51 % attacks so far and it will continue.ETN is a Marketing company not a tech company,

  13. Yeah my view is tainted on how toxic the community was/ is. But I am keeping my opinion relatively neutral. Like I said, I am rooting for them.

  14. I bought 0x at $1 and sold went the market corrected in early 2018. Would still be at a loss with the recent pump.

  15. I hear you, a bunch of moon boys got rekt and squealed like little greedy lazy piglets as such they are. I got in ICO good team and true with their efforts and updates. Gotta respect hard work add to that the openness they have had with the community.

  16. +Altcoin Daily Thank you man. Just keep an eye on it. We that follow every little thing about ETN since ICO are very confident that before eoy it will be one of the favorites in crypto. Big things are coming

  17. putting that statement (mining feature is 100% 偽) it’s completely out of, mining is the first stage and really after mining when the difficulty arises it gains value

  18. you need a marketing company if you want the unbanked to use it. this isnt for tech snobs, its for massive use. the mobile app is a perfect addictive tech to get ppl to use it, and buy and invest, and instant payments. lastly, its a huge airdrop. +Chris Otis


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