Can Vechain (獣医) あなたミリオネアください? – 現実的に

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What would it take to make a million dollars with Vechain (獣医). Vechain is a High Cap Cryptocurrency, so I think we have all heard of it (at least peripherally). But what is it exactly? What is it's purpose?
I get into all that today. I think Vechain will be around for a while. Let me share with you why.


A complete list of VeChain partnerships

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***Just opinion. Not financial advice.

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Can Vechain (獣医) あなたミリオネアください? – 現実的に



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  1. To Altcoin Dailyif Vechain’s market cap went up to $323B it wouldn’t be worth just 17 セント. it would be worth like $5.80 a coin. Market cap divided by circulating supply equals price.

  2. Love VeChain<3 Hodl 5 years and you'll be rich no matter what, quote me
    Thanks Austin<3

  3. Vechain has a actual working product in useVechain is a safe Crypto to invest init will be around for ever while other coins do not have a working product

  4. This is one of my primary investment projects, so much good news and solid partnerships. This is a project that is actually working on mass adoption unlike so many other projects in the crypto space. VECHAIN!!

  5. Vechain is one of the most promising cryptos so as you can also stake it by only holding in your mobile wallet.

  6. Great video mate. I always did like VeChain, but after watching this, I will go and buy some! VeChain has a huge future, and I agree that it can become top 10 によって 2019. これからもいい結果を出し続けてください

  7. I have one million VeChain and hope to get another 500k before it starts to rise. VeChain is my retirement fund.

  8. ちょっとチーム, My math was slightly off on that last calculation.

    If Vechain market cap were to get to where Bitcoin’s market cap was last January (323,000,000,000), then the price of each VEN would be $5.82. Not $0.17.

    So if you invested $20,000 今日, that would ACTUALLY equal a revenue of $8,965,062.00.
    You would actually only need to invest about $2,500 today to get a revenue over 1 百万. (About $1,119,745 to be exact).

    Market Cap = Price x Circulating Supply. I had that right I just did the math wrong. I believe this video still has value so I’m gonna leave it posted.

    Let me know what altcoin you guys want to see the next video on?!

  9. Got drop about 15 k for a node and hold for a couple years but yes Vechain top 10 for sure

  10. you forgot to mention VET pays out VTHOr at the rate of 5 vthor a day per 10,000 獣医.

  11. Love VeChainit’s a substantial part of my crypto portfolio. They also signed a contract with the City of Shanghai to manage their medical records

  12. +draco malfoy vtho is like the gas used in Ethereum. It will be traded on Binance soon I believe. It should be worth something then! Vechain is liked by the Chinese government and I hope that they are not going to use it to monitor individualsSocial Score. Those with a low Social Score are banned from travelling on planes etc. They are using it to monitor the storage temperature of vaccines in transit which is excellent use of the technology.

  13. Citizen Smith thanks you guys I appreciate help, so it’s like a currency and a technology unbelievable!!! Social score like that one awful movie????

  14. Glad I wasn’t only on who notice. I was like wtf. $20,000 invested at current price will get you $9,000,000 return when the cap hits 320 十億. Big difference from only 250k return lol.

  15. realistically if you have 25,000 XLQ when XLQ hits 40$ then you would have a million $.
    currently 25,000 xlq is 4250$, and its not too unrealistic for a trust worthy coin like xlq to hit 2.4 billion valuation in the next big crypto bull run, when the whole crypto market hits 2-3 兆

  16. Doesn’t matter, most people lie about how much they have anyway. Most people who have heavy holdings don’t talk about it.

  17. #CNN currently listed on Huobi, lots of noise about it being listed on Bithumb which would be huge , this project is backed by Arrington Capital and has a partnership with Newsdog. Dyorの.

  18. Can you do a video over Vericoin & Verium? They have this neat technology called Binary chain technology, and unique consensus algorithms called POST & POWT.

  19. Hi Taos I’m in a VeChain xnode pool and get rewards each month around the 20th last month I got 728 VTHO my math says that is about $7.28 would I be right. It has been a bit confusing VEN to VET and VTHO. Today I just registered to another link to this which is OCE Oceanex

  20. 母, came to say this. I was watching thinking how in gods name does four times the price per token equate to over 100x larger market cap 😄

  21. hell naw! he gonna scare everyone away….with that math
    was a good videountil the last minute+chau vo

  22. Just enough info on a crypto to give what I need to start….without keeping me all dayI LOVE IT!

  23. What do I need to know about buying/selling Vechain? What does VET pays out VTHOr mean? I am new to Vechain and only hold XRP and ADA.


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