Can Tron (TRX) あなたミリオネアください? – 現実的に

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What would it take to make a million dollars with Tron (TRX). Tron is a top 11 Cryptocurrency, so I think we have all heard of it (at least peripherally). But what is it exactly? What is it's purpose?
I get into all that today. I think Tron will be around for a while. Let me share with you why.

以下のような. 申し込む.

***Just opinion. Not financial advice.

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Can Tron (TRX) あなたミリオネアください? – 現実的に




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  1. ねえ! Very nice videos. I love and support Tron Trx so this video is amazing. I’ve recently gotten into Cryptocurrency and your videos have helped me ALOT in terms of hoping on the future train. I would love to see a Cardano ADA video in the near future because of its immense potential in what could be Web 3.0. 感謝!

  2. Igot my VET on binance , but they are yet to give it any value. Im going to let PUNDI X make me a millionare….I hope!

  3. kking1367 I like Pundi’s working product! Not invested but they are on my radar.

  4. I got in early in TRON sold 50% on ATH and on dips I bought more TRX adding more to my bags

    What TRON and EOS wants to do is to bring us back to the Internet in the 90s because it was DECENTRALIZED without ANY ADS

  5. I feel $5 is realistic for sure trx has less of a supply than ripple who hit it big in the $3 range and could definitely end up going higher in the years to come but tron has a bigger use in my mind

  6. wish I had 7k to invest into a company in 2017, that I knew nothing aboutwould’ve been a great investment

  7. I ended withhow much you would have to invest today”. I looked towards the future. Somethimes it is nice to look towards the past and put things in perspective.

  8. Analyze history to understand the present and capitalize in the future. I like the approach myself

  9. I invested $5K in TRX in Nov 2017….. then traded for XVG right before NYE. Went back, but HODL’d when I should have Tethered when it hit $0.40; so I’ll just have to settle for being a hundred-thousandaire instead of millionaire.

  10. Good info my friend. I am looking at TRX to invest while we are at a bottom. Thanks to you I just decided to do it.

  11. Is that even possible? I see people all over calling trx a sh*tcoin. I am lightly invested currently with 1000coins.

  12. Okay this is teaching on a whole nother level..Thank You for providing this resourceful info

  13. I think if you invest 7,000$ right now in ALQO at 10 cents a pop, you would probably also make a million in the next year.

  14. What is the most potential altcoin that would be gonna moon and has highest gain if lets say I invest on it today especially in 2018? Lets simplify this into top 50 ranking by coin market cap today

  15. Percival Etruria hard to say. That’s what everyone is speculating on. Invest in the project that you believe in (in terms of team and tech) and that will probably be the one.

  16. Altcoin Daily Yeah thats why as an investor since I have joined the cryptocurrency market in this january which is not so lucky based on recent bearish market in the last 7 months but still keep in faith with the cryptocurrency market but still dont know which one should i invest in for the future gain despite of this year market which is behaving not well… ところで, how about is there any difference if lets say that the coin with less price like pennies such as TRX, NCASH, XRP, etc which still worth less than 1 cent could moon higher compared to more expensive coin like LTC, ETH, BTC, etc which are more than 100$ in value based on several analysis by other youtuber? Thank you for the explanation.

  17. Percival Etruria I would focus more on market cap and no price. You can calculate what the price will be based on where you project the market cap will be.

  18. Altcoin Daily How about their circulating supply and total supply for example? In several occassion i have just informed by other crypto youtuber that the coin which has their circulating supply near all similar to the total supply will lead to bigger moon in future compared with the less circulating coin like XLM, XRP for example or is there no effect at all (just purely based on people perception or similar like that?) 感謝

  19. I honestly believe that Tron will shock a lot of people! It’s an amazing project. Great videos man!


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