ビットコインはOUT開拓して! Should I Buy? What Price Will Bitcoin Be At The Halving? PREDICTION TIME!🔴🔵

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The Crypto Market Just Put In a “Reliable Bottom Signal”: Can We Trust It?

The Crypto Market Just Put In aReliable Bottom Signal”: Can We Trust It?


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ビットコインはOUT開拓して! Should I Buy? What Price Will Bitcoin Be At The Halving? PREDICTION TIME!🔴🔵




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  1. Lol was hearing this all day long about 10 grand. Never see it again. I guess we’ll see. Eventually you guys will be right I guess

  2. I think we drop and then pop back up before the halving. $8102 is my guess on the day.

  3. I still see a correction coming before the Halving, after that it’s a steady way up. 私だけの 2 セント.

  4. タイムスタンプ!
    0:47 – “ビットコイン半減” Is At An ALL TIME HIGH on Google Trends.
    1:16 – Do Not Underestimate The Halving!
    2:14 – The Bet YOU Make When You Buy Bitcoin
    2:58 – My Halving Price Prediction
    4:04 – The Argument As To Why Bitcoin HAS Bottomed
    7:12 – MORE PERSPECTIVE [From Plan B Himself]
    8:02 – A WARNING
    8:16 – Chatting With You At The End
    9:30 – The Best Way To End A Video?

  5. You heared about the 2 billion tether printing? We are going nowhere and then down, at least thats what i think.

  6. Sell off coming to smash price down. I was projecting buying last Friday 2weeks ago. I am just going to watch for another week. A lot of turbulence coming up. Bumpy ride. The Bank scare is coming first.

  7. I’m too lazy to do my own research, so I watch all these YouTubers and this is what I’ve learned about BTC. I’m a 100% certain the price will pass ATH in the near to long term. I’m also 100% certain that BTC will revisit prices we’ve seen before any moment. Not Finance Advice. Aloha

  8. On account we are in a black swan event all predictions can be thrown out the window I think.

  9. Hendomatic True, The virus infections go up and down and we know to less about it. China lied about it. A lot of conspiracy/fact al over the web, nut im not really scared. 君は? And where you from?

  10. @DJ M1NDHACK3R im not scared either. Im just kidding around. I dont believe in the virus its all hype. CNN news. Im in Canada

  11. Your post sounds like the same one I read a while ago to where someone said Bitcoin will never reach 10 dollars per. 予定の

  12. Hendomatic 😂 Great man. Here the same. Its a bad virus for al the really old people but the same with the flu. One day we al die.!

  13. This is going to be a run going into the halvingit will catch a lot of people off guard as they sit and wait for another drop

  14. how long till the dump? and do you think still safe to hold our profits in tether?

  15. The price will tank again. As we’ve seen, the price of Bitcoin is, for some reason, closely tied to the stock market and the experts regarding the stock market note that when there’s a 20% shedding of market price then that low will be retested again over the next 30 日々. It happens time and time again despite the rallies. So if the stock market will retest it’s low and BTC is tied to the stock market then naturally BTC will test it’s low as well. My prediction is we will see a $5000 again in the next 2-3 週間.

  16. Let him do what he wants. If he invests now he will benefit this time next year. It doesn’t matter if the price decreases tomorrow. Think long term.

  17. I really would wish y’all would stop saying “we are never gonna see these prices ever again” you don’t know that! Let’s just be grateful that we are getting our pumps and stop the maximalist hyping, new comers need legit content this verbiage in every other video is unhealthy.

  18. So Emannuel what I see, personally, is a drop to a double bottom retest, possibly not quite that low (多分 $5000), but then a quick bounce back up near 50/200-day moving averages right around the time of the halvening, which is close to the number Ricky gives. THEN a temporary bounce lower (not far), before $BTC & crypto start taking off into its Elliot Wave 3 in earnest. Gonna be quite a ride because THIS time, it ain’t going to ONLY be 35M investors in crypto, like in 2017. This time there’ll be 100s of millions of “smart money” investors piling into crypto. 👍

  19. If you’re looking to sell, they are offering a higher price on Satoshily for bank transfers.

  20. THis is ridiculousbitcoin is nothingjust one sucker trying to unload it on another suckerno intrinsic value

  21. @Bruce Burger at some point for sure but yet ? よく分かりません .

  22. @Rouroni Kenshin I cant predict the future, so i simply dont know. With all the manipulation going on the crypto space is more and more like a casino. Buy some, hold some and repeat thats all you can do.

  23. Pumba maybe. This is way im hodling for long time. I will only buy more if the price go down by more than 40%. Have more than enough BTC now. But more is always good 😜

  24. 一致します. Banks report, 私は信じている, either this week or next. Unless the overall market has factored in bad numbers, if the bank stocks drop enough, I can see more people pulling out of ALL markets and pushing cash under the bed, or at least moving it into something more solid for the next few months. I would rather be a little late on getting more, than wrong, hence I am waiting till probably closer to the end of this month to see what happens.

  25. @baby kraken do u think it wil get back to 5 k once it hits 8K ? my reasonig is that traders who bought it for at least 6k wil dump it for profit once it hits 8kthen it wil go low and then they will get back for 5K…. what do u think? i am thinking it wil be some dumping at 8k

  26. i think it wil hit 8k then wil be be dumped for profit,, back to maybe even 5lk.. then i buy haha i think many who bought it at 6k wants some quick profit once it hits 8k .. i dont think there wil be too much FOMO once it hits 8k to make it go above 9k…. people are precautiousi hope i am right haha wil know in a few hours or end of the day it could hit 8k today

  27. Not a black swan event. The TA has predicted this drop for months. Bury your head in the sand more sheepboy

  28. @Dr. Howie Feltersnatch TA never predicts anything. A pandemic is a black swan event, you can’t argue against that.

  29. Arman

    You only feel that way because you don’t know how to do TA.

    The pandemic didn’t cause the markets to drop. They dropped because they were incredibly overbought and in a bubble. Same with bitcoin.

    If you can’t predict these things then how come I sold all my assets weeks before the stock market crash??? And I wasn’t the only one.

  30. Gerald Draper Jr same here i was going to buy 2 weeks ago but its been a bumpy road so will probably wait it out till it drops to 5k i do believe it will.

  31. @John Straumietis Καλησπέρα αδερφέ.. μόλις βγήκες από το Matrix. Καλώς όρισες.

  32. I wouldn’t say that it’s closely tied to the stock market, rather when things are good, they can be really good and when things go bad they can get really bad. Back in 2007, metals were said to not correlate with the stock market until the big drop in 2008, that took stocks and metals with it. The real silver lining though is that after the crash, while stocks were attempting to recover, metals skyrocketed for 2 years because of the Fed printing money. If we repeat that scenario, I expect everything to crash extremely hard on the side of delfation in stocks, but once we pass that, I would be looking to convert nearly every dollar I have into metals or crypto because that will be the final nail in the coffin for USD


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